MCoC Champion Spotlight – TERRAX

Terrax has been updated in Marvel Contest of Champions! Learn more about his updates here:


Tyros once reigned over the city of Lanlak on the planet of Birj. Galactus saw the brutal dictator’s potential and made him his own Herald of Galactus. With Terrax’s command over rock and earth now magnified and the Power Cosmic on his side, “Terrax the Tamer” became Galactus’ most ruthless conqueror.

TERRAX’s Mechanics

Terrax whips up a Rock Field in battle to shred his Opponents to pieces. He can also channel the Power Cosmic to gain Indestructibility and increased Power Rate! 

Base Stats & Abilities

* All stats based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

HEALTH: 15812

ATTACK: 1047


  • WITH SIGNATURE (99): 4796

*All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200

HEALTH: 31703

ATTACK: 2098

MAX PI:   

  • WITH SIGNATURE (200): 10620

Character Class: Cosmic

Basic Abilities: Shock Immunity, Bleed Immunity, Power Cosmic, Indestructible Charges, Rock Field


  • Rock Field Damage
    • Terrax’s Rock Field deals Energy Damage to nearby Opponents that scales with time. The longer his Rock Field is active, the more damage he deals.
  • Indestructibility & Tankiness
    • Terrax gains Indestructible Charges while his Rock Field is active, allowing him to bypass damage from hits. This ability gives him some of the most readily available Indestructibility of any Champion in the Contest!


  • Power Control
    • The most effective way to shut down Terrax’s defenses is to control his Power Meter. Without Terrax’s Rock Field, he loses his Indestructibility and primary source of damage.
  • Nullify
    • Because every Indestructible Charge is a Buff, Terrax can have his tankiness stripped away from him. Bonus points if you’re using the Mystic Dispersion Mastery!
  • Energy Resistance
    • Because Terrax’s primary damage comes from his Rock Field which deals Energy Damage. A character with Energy Resistance will dampen the effects of Terrax’s Rock Field.



  • Terrax is immune to Shock and Bleed effects due to his rocky body.
  • Terrax is immune to Power Drain, Power Steal, Power Burn, Power Lock, and Enervate effects from #Metal Champions due to his control over rock and earth.

Developer’s Note: 

Terrax’s immunity to #Metal Champions’ Power Control abilities cuts out the majority of Tech Champions that could Power Control Terrax. Oh right… and Doctor Doom too!

Power Cosmic – Persistent Charge – Max 6 Stacks

  • Terrax gains 1 Attack Charge(s) whenever he attacks the Opponent and 2 Attack Charge(s) whenever the Opponent attacks him. Terrax gains 10 Attack Charge(s) whenever his attack misses the Opponent. Terrax gains 1 Attack Charge(s) every 0.5 seconds while the Opponent is inside his Rock Field.
  • When Terrax gains 50 Attack Charges he converts them into 1 Power Cosmic. Max 2 per fight.
  • For each Power Cosmic, Terrax gains an additional +10% Power Rate when struck while Indestructible. Max +60%.
  • For each Power Cosmic, Terrax gains an additional +110% Power Rate when blocking an attack while Indestructible. Max +660%.
  • When Terrax starts a Rock Field, he gains 1 Indestructible Charge Buff for each Power Cosmic. 1 Indestructible Charge is removed each time Terrax is attacked. All remaining Indestructible Charges are removed when the Rock Field expires. Max 10 Indestructible Charges.
  • Terrax’s Indestructible Charge Buffs only ignore damage from attacks and do not ignore damage from Special 3 Attacks.

Developer’s Note: 

Without his Signature Ability, Terrax can fully ramp up his Power Cosmic ability in 3 fights. Also note Terrax’s beefy Defensive Power Rate combined with his Indestructibility allows him to gain huge amounts of power from taking/blocking hits.

Rock Field

  • While the Rock Field is active, Terrax’s attacks gain an additional 3566.6 Attack Rating.
  • While the Rock Field is active, nearby Opponents take up to 881.16 Energy Damage for every second the Rock Field has been active, every 0.5 second(s). This scales with Base Attack only.
  • Every 0.5 second(s) there is a 35% chance to inflict an Armor Break Debuff, reducing the Opponent’s Armor Rating by 525 for 15 second(s). Max 10 stacks.
  • While the Rock Field is active, Terrax is more aggressive.

Developer’s Note: 

Terrax’s most powerful weapon is his Rock Field. It is his primary damage source and provides him with Indestructible Charges. It also has a chance to Armor Break the Opponent which is great against Tech Champions like Ghost!

Light Attacks

  • Terrax’s fourth Light Attack refreshes the duration of all personal Armor Break Debuffs on the Opponent.

Developer’s Note: 

Terrax can inflict up to 10 Armor Breaks from his Rock Field and another- much larger- Armor Break on his Special 3 Attack. To maximize damage, keep up all the Armor Breaks!

Heavy Attacks

  • The Rock Field Power Drain is paused while Terrax is charging his Heavy Attack.
  • If the Rock Field is active, this attack is a guaranteed Critical Hit, Terrax does not gain Power from this attack, but he gains up to 2517.6 increased Attack Rating based on how long the Rock Field was active. On hit, the Rock Field ends and consumes 50% of a bar of Power. 

Developer’s Note: 

Terrax’s Heavy Attack deals more damage the longer the Rock Field has been active, up to 20 seconds! Use this attack to finish every Rock Field for optimal damage.

Special Attacks

  • Special Attacks cost 100% less power, but after each Special Attack, Terrax’s Power Bar drains until he reaches 0 Power. During this time, Terrax cannot use Special Attacks and his Rock Field is active.
  • Terrax loses power faster the longer his Rock Field has been active.

Developer’s Note: 

Terrax’s Special Attacks drain his power instead of instantly consuming it. During this window, the Rock Field is active! This mechanic allows Terrax to keep his Rock Field longer the more Power he gains! Keep in mind that the Power Meter drains much faster after the Rock Field has been active for 30 seconds.

Special Attacks

Special 1 – Rock Torrent

  • If Terrax has less than 6 Power Cosmic, he gains 20 Attack Charges.
  • If Terrax has 6+ Power Cosmic, he gains 3 Indestructible Charge(s) until the Rock Field expires after this Special Attack.
  • The Rock Field triggered after this Special Attack has a flat +40% increased chance to Armor Break the Opponent.

Developer’s Note: 

Although the Rock Field after this Special Attack, is quite short, it speeds up Terrax’s Power Cosmic ramp and when he’s fully ramped, it gives him more Indestructible Charges!

Special 2 – Meteor Strike

  • The last hit grants Terrax a Power Gain Buff, generating 40% of his Max Power over 12 seconds. Max 1.

Developer’s Note: 

Since Terrax’s Power Meter is draining after each Special Attack, this Power Gain Buff will slow down the process, allowing for an even longer Rock Field.

Special 3 – Buried Alive

  • Inflict a Stun Debuff, lasting 2 second(s).
  • Inflict an Armor Break Debuff, reducing the Opponent’s Armor Rating by 1400 for 25 second(s). Max 1.

Developer’s Note: 

This Armor Break can be refreshed with Terrax’s fourth Light Attack, allowing him to potentially keep it up the entire fight.

Signature Ability – Galactus’ Favor

  • If Terrax has less than 1 Power Cosmic at the start of a fight, he gains 2.
  • Terrax starts each fight with his Rock Field active and 66% of his max Power.


Heralds of Galactus: Silver Surfer

  • Terrax: When the Rock Field starts, gain +1 Indestructible Charge Buff(s).
  • Solo: Only affects this Champion and does not stack.

Death & Resurrection: Phoenix

  • Terrax: Well-timed blocks give Terrax +3% of a Bar of Power.
  • Phoenix: When striking with her fourth Light Attack, Phoenix consumes one of her personal Fury Buffs, increasing the hit damage by 100%.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.

Elders’ Game: Red Hulk, Mordo

  • Terrax: Gain +15% chance to Armor Break during his Rock Field.
  • Red Hulk: When hitting the Opponent with his first Heavy Hit, Red Hulk consumes a Heat Charge and inflicts an Armor Break Debuff, reducing the Opponent’s Armor Rating by 50% for 8 seconds.
  • Mordo: While charging a Heavy Attack, if the Opponent attacks, Mordo will evade. This ability has a 25 second cooldown.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.

Prisoner: Annihilus

  • Terrax: +15% Attack Rating
  • Annihilus: All Fury Buffs last an additional 1 second(s).
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies.


  • Parry: 
    • An essential Mastery for Terrax to maximize his Rock Field damage and provide an opportunity to Heavy Attack, dealing bonus damage the longer his Rock Field is active.
  • Stupefy: 
    • The longer that Terrax can get in the Opponent’s face, the higher his Rock Field damage becomes. Combine this Mastery with the Parry Mastery for maximum efficiency.
  • Double Edge: 
    • Terrax’s immunity to Bleed effects allows him to gain increased Attack Rating without sacrificing a portion of his health.