Always fascinated with super humans, young petty thief Parker Robbins used his gains to help his family, including his ailing mother. When a burglary took an unexpected turn, Parker found himself in possession of a pair of mystical boots and cloak. Struggling to understand the supernatural items, he learned they granted him limited powers, including invisibility and the ability to walk on air. Dubbed “The Hood” by the police, Parker soon found himself forced down a darker path, using his newfound powers to start his own criminal empire to ensure the safety of his family.

THE HOOD’s Mechanics

The Hood’s new kit makes him the Mystical master of Miss! His new Hex Pistols mechanic gives him a totally new avenue to damage, and an upgrade to his Miss lets you reliably deal with Special Attacks if used correctly. More damage and more reliable utility has Hood shining in a whole new light.

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
6-Star★★★★★★(Rank 3, Level 45)40065296513330

Character Class: Mystic

Basic Abilities: Invisibility, Stagger, Shock, Bleed


  • Miss
    • With Hood’s update he has his Miss more consistently, use this to deal with some hard to dodge specials and find more openings on your opponents.
  • Stagger
    • Hood has near constant uptime on his Stagger letting him deal with tons of buffs with ease.


  • Nullify
    • Hood’s Invisibility is now a Buff, careful with fighting against anything that will remove your Buffs!

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion

Hex Pistols – Loaded Bullets: 28 – Max Loaded Bullets: 42

  • The Hood’s Bullets Persist from fight to fight within a Quest.
  • Nullify a Buff: Load 2 Bullets.
  • Make the opponent Miss while Invisible: Load 1 Bullet when the Invisibility ends.

Hex Pistols – Medium Attacks & Special 2

  • 100% chance to Fire a Bullet and inflict a stacking Hex, lasting 12 seconds. Each Hex deals a burst of 1150.5 Energy Damage when it Expires and is Refreshed when a new Hex is gained.

 Dev Note: Hood’s new damage mechanic, stack up a ton of these and cash in for big damage on the heavy attack!

Dash Back and Hold Block for 1.2 Seconds

  • 100% chance to gain an Invisibility Buff lasting 8 seconds.
  • When Ending: Invisibility goes on Cooldown for 6 seconds.
  • While Active: Hood’s Attacks gain +592.31 Critical Damage Rating and ignore 75% Armor Rating and Block Proficiency.
  • While Active: Incoming attacks have a 120% chance to Miss. Each time the opponent Misses an attack, this Miss chance is decreased by a flat 20% until the Invisibility ends.

Dev Note: Pair this with the Special 2 to have consistent uptime on the Invisibility.

Critical Hits

  • 100% chance to inflict a non-stacking Stagger Passive lasting 5 seconds. When a Staggered opponent gains a Buff, that Buff and all Buffs triggered at the same time are Nullified.
  • When this Stagger ends, it inflicts 345.15 direct damage on the opponent and heals The Hood for a matching amount.

Heavy Attacks

  • Pause all Bleed Debuffs on the opponent for 5 seconds.
  • Cause all Hexes to Expire immediately, with +75% Potency.

Special 1 – Eldritch Arc

  • 100% chance to inflict a non-stacking Shock Debuff, causing 3451.5 Energy Damage over 7.5 seconds.
  • If this Shock expires after lasting its full duration, 100% chance to inflict a Stun Debuff, lasting 3 seconds.

Special 2 – Occult Onslaught

  • The final shot spends 5 Bullets to grant a 100% chance to inflict a Hex Vulnerability Debuff, increasing the Potency of all new and existing Hexes by 50% until a Hex Expires on the opponent.
  • At the end of the attack, activate Invisibility.

Dev Note: Pair this with the heavy attack to maximize damage with your Hexes!

Special 3 – Dark Pact

  • +1725.75 Attack Rating for each full bar of Power the opponent has.
  • 100% chance to inflict a Bleed Debuff, causing 3451.5 direct damage over 6 seconds.

Signature Ability – Dark Dealings

While Invisible

  • The Hood becomes Immune to all Stun effects. Additionally, Firing a Bullet while Invisible has a 45% chance to Steal 10% of the opponent’s current Power, gaining twice that amount in the process.


Crime Bosses

  • Joe Fixit, Kingpin

Villain Champions: +150 Armor Rating, +150 Critical Rating, +5% Perfect Block Chance & +5% Health Rating.


Dark Empowerment

  • Dormammu

Non-Robot Villain Champions: 20% chance to Revive at 10% Health when receiving a Knockout blow.


  • Punisher, Doctor Voodoo, Tigra, Doctor Strange

All Champions: +155 Critical Rating


  • Loki, Iron Patriot, Terrax, Taskmaster

All Champions: +5% Perfect Block Chance