A younger version of Maestro from an alternate reality that is equal in every way, except he still maintains his sanity. The Overseer has just started his conquering career and while he isn’t villainous, he’s not quite noble either. He uses Captain America’s shield for defense, and the Silver Surfer board as a giant cleaver, but his most powerful weapon is a copy of the Infinity Gauntlet that holds the Cosmic Cube, which he uses to travel across the Battlerealm looking for conquest.

Base Stats & Abilities

(Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Character Class: Science

Basic Abilities: Gamma Power, Taunt, Stun, Disorient 

THE OVERSEER’s Mechanics

The Overseer gains Gamma Power every time the Opponent gains a bar of Power, increasing his Attack Power and potency of some of his Debuffs. When he reaches three stacks of Gamma Power he can activate the Cosmic Cube by launching a Special Attack, which grants him some cosmic abilities. While normally an Opponent with lots of power is a big threat, the Overseer has a reliable access to Taunt which gives him a good level of control over the Opponent’s power level.


  • Nullify, Fate Seal and Stagger Immune
    • Not only is he Immune to those effects he also punishes those who attempt to hit him with any of those abilities. 
  • Punishes Special Attack Usage
    • Both as an Attacker and a Defender he can punish Opponents who use too many Special Attacks.


  • Purify
    • Opponents with Purify can shut down his kit.
  • Opponent with no Power Gain
    • He gains Gamma Power as the Opponent gains power, if the Opponent has no Power Gain his ramp up slows down. 

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Always Active

  • Immune to Nullify, Fate Seal and Stagger.
  • An enhanced Immune system provides a full Immunity to the Poisons of the Battlerealm. 

Gamma Power

  • When the Opponent gains a Bar of Power gain an indefinite Gamma Power granting 351.9 Attack Rating and 17% Potency of his personal Debuffs from Special Attacks. Max 6 Stacks.

Developer’s Note: The Overseer benefits when the Opponent has Power Gain, since it speeds up the rate in which he gains Gamma Power.

Cosmic Mode

  • At 3 or more Stacks of Gamma Power, after launching a Special Attack consumes all stacks and activates Cosmic Mode, lasting 3.33 second(s) per Gamma Power, but it is paused during Special Attacks from the Overseer or the Opponent. Cosmic Mode lasts 50% longer for Defenders.
  • For each Gamma Power gained while in Cosmic Mode, instead gain a non-stacking Fury Buff granting 586.5 Attack Rating per Gamma Power used to enter the mode, with its total duration equalling its Cosmic Mode starting duration.
  • Light Attacks deal a Burst of 1548.36 Physical Damage.

Developer’s Note: One of the most efficient ways to use Cosmic Mode is to wait for the Opponent to reach zero power, then use your own Special Attack to activate Cosmic Mode and then quickly push them over a Bar of Power in order to trigger the Fury Buff.

After Opponent Launches a Special – Special Concussion

  • Inflict an indefinite Special Concussion Debuff, reducing Ability Accuracy by 10% during Special Attacks. Max 7.
  • Reducing a Combo of 3 or more to a lower amount removes one stack of Special Concussion.

Heavy Attacks

  • Inflict a non-stacking Taunt Debuff for 10 second(s). Opponents that are Taunted have their Attack reduced by 20% and have a 70% higher chance to activate Special Attacks. This ability goes on cooldown for 20 second(s) if activated.

Developer’s Note: This very reliable Taunt allows the Overseer to control the Opponent’s Power level and stop them from ever reaching 3 Bars of Power. This ability allows the Overseer to benefit from Opponent’s Power Gain without putting himself in danger. 

After a Special – Cap’s Shield

  • Gain a Auto-Block Passive, giving 100% chance to Auto-Block Basic Attacks when Struck twice, it lasts for 7 second(s) or until triggered.
  • The Overseer is Stun Immune while Auto-Block is active.

Special 1 – Supersonic Impact

  • Inflict a Stun Debuff for 1.5 second(s).
  • Cosmic Mode: On activation gain a Regeneration Buff, recovering 7% of missing Health over 10 seconds. The Potency of this Buff is reduced by 10% for each Bleed Debuff on Overseer.

Developer’s Note: Since Cosmic Mode pauses during Special Attacks, you can generally throw many Special 1 attacks, giving a lot of opportunities to hit stunned opponents with lots of bursts of damage powered by a chunky Fury.

Special 2 – Cleaving Strike

  • Inflicts a Disorient Debuff, reducing Defensive Ability Accuracy by 40% and Block Proficiency by 50% for 12 second(s). Ability Accuracy reduction scales with Gamma Power.
  • Cosmic Mode: Gain an Energize Buff, granting 25% increased Combat Power Rate for 12 second(s).

Developer’s Note: While the Disorient Debuff is useful only against a select number of Opponents, the Energize Buff allows the Overseer to quickly gain power and release many Special Attacks. Since Cosmic Mode pauses during Special Attacks, the Energize Buff helps to extend the Cosmic Mode duration considerably. 

Special 3 – Cosmic Assault

  • Inflict a Physical Vulnerability Debuff, reducing Physical Resistance by {1} for {2} seconds.

Developer’s Note: The Special 3 is the best choice against Opponents with high amounts of health, it applies a powerful Physical Vulnerability Debuff that improves the damage potential of the bursts of physical damage from Cosmic Mode. Additionally it quickly pushes the Opponent above one bar of Power which grants the Overseer a Fury Buff.

Signature Ability – Retaliation

  • If an Opponent ability fails due to his personal immunity or reduced Ability Accuracy they take a burst of 938.41 Physical Damage and the Overseer gains one Gamma Power. This Damage scales with Base Attack Only. This effect has a 1 second cooldown.
  • Striking the Opponent while they are recovering from Heavy or Special Attacks Attacks deal a burst of 2345.99 Physical Damage. This effect has a 1 second cooldown.

Developer’s Note: The Overseer Signature Ability is particularly useful against Opponents who rely on releasing lots of Special Attacks. It creates many windows of opportunity to punish them both as an Attacker and as a Defender.


    • Hulk, Hulk (Ragnarok), Joe Fixit: Their scrambled personality makes them Immune to reverse controls.
  • CUBE WIELDERS – Unique
    • The Overseer: 50% chance to gain an Indefinite Gamma Power when the Opponent launches a Special while taunted.
    • Red Skull: 8% chance per Armor Up to inflict Armor Break on Special 2 attacks, reducing Armor Rating by 525.
    • Thanos: Fury also grants a Power Gain Buff, gaining half of a bar of Power over 7 second(s).
  • SPACE SURFERS – Unique
    • The Overseer: The Energize Buff from his Special 2 also grants 450 Critical Rating.
    • Silver Surfer: Gain Precision on Special 2, increasing Critical Rating by 450 for 12 seconds.
    • The Overseer: 15% chance that a Block is a Perfect Block, reducing all damage to 0.
    • Captain America, Captain America WWII, Captain America (Infinity War): Intercepting the Opponent grants a non-Stacking Passive Fury, granting 50% Attack Rating for 7 second(s).
    • The Overseer: Increase Cosmic Mode duration by 0.66 second(s) per Gamma Power.
    • Terrax, Air-Walker: When Heavy Charging gains an Unstoppable Buff that lasts for 1 second(s). If Struck while this effect is up, it goes on cooldown for 25 seconds.
  • ENEMIES: LEVEL 3 – Unique
    • Doctor Doom: All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating.


  • Despair and Inequity
    • The Overseer applies lots of Debuff on the Opponent, making good use of these Masteries.
  • Liquid Courage
    • Being Poison Immune causes the Overseer to gain the additional damage of the Mastery but none of the negative effects.