“Origin story time! Ahem. A long time ago…in a forgotten corner of the Contest, a wise, handsome, kick-butt dude became permanently duct-taped to a weird, alien Venom thingy…”

“That’sssss not what happened!”

“Shut up Symbioid, I’m telling the story! Dang. Lost my place. Oh well, anywhoozle, epic story told in haiku! Deadpool Venom mix; Smashed together, best friends; and….Chimichangas?”

“We must kill the Ssssssspider-Man!”

“Oh Symby! You’re the funniest. You always crack me up.”

Base Stats & Abilities

HealthAttackPI (Max Signature)
(Rank 3, Level 45)

Champion Class: Cosmic

Basic Abilities: Bleed, Fury, Regeneration

VENOMPOOL’s Mechanics

Venompool’s primary focus is on stacking up his Cookin’ Meter to gain an endless amount of his Blender Buffs. These Buffs can range from Combat Power Rate boosters to Bonus Burst Damage effects, each one providing you with a significant offensive power spike. Stacking up all 5 of his Blender Buffs at once will allow you to gain additional Fury Buffs and lay out some heavy punishment on your opponent. Additionally Venompool is still adept at stealing away Buffs from his opponent and cancelling out those pesky Tech Champions with a variety of Power Drain and Damage-Over-Time Immunities.


  • High Damage Potential
    • Venompool accumulates Buffs as the fight progresses, so the longer the fight the more Buffs he gains
  • Great vs Buff reliant Champions
    • Venompool is able to easily steal Buffs from other Champions, thus Buff heavy Champions are at a disadvantage


  • Nullify
    • Venompool is very Buff reliant, thus Champions that are proficient in Nullifying Buffs will have an advantage
  • Short Fights
    • Venompool takes some time to generate Buffs, thus in more time constraining fights it will be difficult for him to ramp up his damage

The following Stats and Abilities are based on a Rank 5, Level 65, 5-Star Champion


Cookin’ Meter

  • Venompool has a Cookin’ Meter which begins at 50 Charges and gains 10 more Charges every 5 second(s).
  • Any attack from either Champion grants 4 Charges.
  • Each time the Cookin’ Meter hits 100, that amount is spent to grant a random, unique, indefinite “Blender Buff” which can be found at the bottom of the info page. 

Dev Notes: The cornerstone of Venompool’s new kit is his mastery of the culinary arts. If you can’t handle the heat, just put Venompool into the kitchen!

Illogical DNA – While Fighting Tech Champions

  • Gain Immunity to Power Drain, Power Burn and Shock effects as well as Armor Break Debuffs. If an effect is prevented this way, gain 50 Cookin’ Meter. Cooldown 2 seconds.

Dev Notes: The manapool is open! Those pesky Tech Champions are going to have no chance Draining it anytime soon!

Heavy Attack

  • Re-roll the most recently gained Blender Buff.
  • If the opponent is knocked down, 100% chance to gain a Vicious Buff increasing the Potency of Damage-Over-Time Debuffs by 60%. This lasts for 5 seconds per Unique Buff.

Dev Notes: Ingredients are one of the most important parts of any well prepped meal, make sure you get the right ones with a quick re-roll on the Heavy Attack!

Special Attacks

  • 100% chance to inflict a Bleed Debuff lasting 6 seconds and causing 2883.6 direct damage per level of Special Attack used.
  • While fighting #Robot Champions, this Bleed Debuff becomes a matching Degeneration Debuff.

Dev Notes: A classic pairing of Vicious buffs and Special attacks will Lead to a most delicious Bleed Debuff, cooked to perfection.

Special Attack 1 – Symbiotic Smack

  • Each hit has a 75% chance to Om Nom 1 of each Unique Buff on the opponent, removing it and granting 50 Cookin’ Meter.
  • If the Om Nommed Buff was an Armor Up, also gain a Regeneration Buff, recovering 3353.2 Health over 5 seconds.

Special Attack 2 – Sword Spin: XL Edition

  • If this attack Intercepts the opponent, 100% chance to inflict a Stun Debuff lasting 3 seconds.
  • If Venompool is able to finish his moonwalk after the attack he gains a temporary duplicate of each of his Blender Buffs, lasting 20 seconds.
  • If his dance is interrupted, Venompool instead gains a Power Gain Buff, granting 1 Bar(s) of Power over 10 seconds.

Dev Notes: Dinner and a show! Venompool is truly the most gracious of hosts. Stop the dance early, and he may just come back for an encore.

Special Attack 3 – Ssssssave Me! 

  • Venompool’s Cookin’ Meter becomes Spicy for 20 seconds, which causes it to build up twice as fast.
  • If the Cookin’ Meter hits 100 while it is Spicy, all personal Bleed and Degeneration Debuffs on the opponent are Paused for 8 seconds.

Dev Notes: Everything’s better when you add a little hot sauce, and Venompools patent pending Cooking Meter is no different. Call up your friends and share tons of Buffs with them, all with the help of Venompool’s Special 3.

Blender Buffs – Cookin’ Meter Above 100

  • Precision: +700 Critical Rating.
  • Energize: +15% Combat Power Rate.
  • Klyntar Mutation: +720.9 Attack Rating. If the opponent is a Spider-Verse Champion, attacks ignore Passive Evade effects.
  • Hunter-Spider: Attacks deal a burst of additional 25% Physical Damage.
  • Malice: Up to +100% Fury Buff Potency based on how long the fight has gone on. Max Bonus at 200 seconds.
  • Blender Buffs don’t stack. Once Venompool has acquired all 5 other Blender Buffs, he will instead gain stacking Fury Buffs, with each granting +480.6 Attack Rating for 60 seconds.

Signature Ability – Don’t Stop Evolvin’!

Pre-Fight Ability

  • Venompool begins each Quest with 1 Persistent Charge, which he can spend in the Pre-Fight Menu to select one Blender Buff as his Fav Food for the next fight. The Fav Food is more likely to be chosen at random and gains 60% Potency.
  • Each time Venompool enters a fight, he gains his Persistent Charge back.


START WITH FRESH DEADPOOL with Deadpool, Goldpool, Platinumpool, Deadpool (X-Force)

  • Venompool: When the Cookin’ Meter hits 100, 40% chance to gain a Regeneration Buff, recovering 5% of Max Health over 15 seconds.
  • Synergy Champions: +4% Health & Attack Rating.


ACCURATELY MEASURE INGREDIENTS with Daredevil, Daredevil (Hell’s Kitchen), Falcon, Spider-Man (Stealth Suit)

  • Venompool: +300 Critical Rating for each Unique Buff.
  • Synergy Champions: +4% Health & Attack Rating.


BLEND IN SYMBIOTE with Venom, Agent Venom, Venom the Duck, Symbiote Supreme

  • Venompool: Start the fight with 1 Blender Buff activated.
  • Synergy Champions: +4% Health & Attack Rating.


ADD PLAIN WHITE FLOUR with Captain America, Captain America (IW), Captain America (WW2)

  • Venompool: Gain +3% Perfect Block Chance for each Buff on Venompool. Max Bonus +21%.
  • Synergy Champions: +4% Health & Attack Rating.


FRY IN SKILLET with Red Hulk, Sunspot, Human Torch

  • Venompool: Illogical DNA grants Immunity to Incinerate effects.
  • Synergy Champions: +4% Health & Attack Rating.


ADJUST COOKING TIMER with Bishop, Cable, Kang, Unknown Champion (Coming Soon)

  • Venompool: Gain Cookin’ Meter every 3 seconds instead of every 5.
  • Synergy Champions: +4% Health & Attack Rating.


ALLOW TO COOL with Vision (Aarkus), Iceman

  • Venompool: When the Cookin’ Meter hits 100, 75% chance to gain an Ice Armor Buff, granting +2000 Armor Rating and Stun Immunity for 20 seconds. Ice Armor is lost once it prevents a Stun effect.
  • Synergy Champions: +4% Health & Attack Rating.


MUNCH STUNNING FOOD with Ronan, Hulk (Classic), Hulk (Immortal), Thor (Jane Foster)

  • Venompool: Special 2 Stun effect is expanded to Special 1 and Special 3.
  • Synergy Champions: +4% Health & Attack Rating.



  • Extended and Enhanced Fury
    • Venompool’s ability to stack up Fury Buffs synergizes perfectly with the Extended and Enhanced Fury Masteries which Buff their duration and potency
  • Deep Wounds
    • A bulk of Venompool’s damage comes from his Bleeds and the Deep Wounds Mastery further empowers them to deal more damage and last longer