Yondu enters The Contest May 25th at 10AM PDT!

About Yondu:

Centaurian scoundrel Yondu Udonta may not seem like much of a threat at first glance, but when you hear a whistle and his deadly Yaka Arrow comes out to play it’s not advisable to make any rash decisions. Leader of the Ravagers and mentor to Star-Lord, Yondu is a stickler for honor, but not above breaking a rule or ten to get what he wants.

Base Stats & Abilities

*All stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

  • Health: 15736
  • Attack: 1159
  • Max PI:
    • Without Signature: 3562
    • With Signature (99): 4240

Basic Abilities: Bleed, Armor Break, Heal Block, Precision

Yaka Arrow Hits:

  • 25% chance to poke holes in fleshy targets, making them Bleed for 1159 Damage over 7 seconds.
  • If the target is immune to Bleed, they suffer a -222 Armor Break for 7 seconds instead.
  • +424 Armor and Block Penetration
  • The strength and precision of Yondu’s Yaka Arrow allow it to trigger Critical Hits and Abilities through an enemy Block.

All Attacks:

  • Yondu has a 25% chance to steal the target’s Armor, which he might be able to trade for Units later.
  • Generate 10% less Power in the target for each Debuff they suffer from. Max: -50%.

Heavy Attack:

  • +50% Offensive Ability Accuracy for this attack.

Special 1: Quick Draw – One whistle, and Yondu’s Yaka arrow pokes a hole right through you. Don’t wait for the second whistle.

  • +100% Offensive Ability Accuracy for this attack.
  • 100% chance to Heal Block for 10 seconds. If the target is Regenerating, inflict Heal Block for 20 seconds.

Special 2: A Little Help From My Friends – A strafing run from a Ravager M-Ship peppers the arena with Yondu’s secret spice mix.

  • +424 Block Penetration
  • +174 Attack for each Special Attack activated by the enemy this fight. Max: x15

Special 3: Yaka Attacka – Yondu’s Yaka Arrow is like a deadly snake as it mesmerizes, then strikes.

  • 100% chance to boost Critical Rating by 666 for 10 seconds.
  • Severely damaged by the Yaka Arrow, enemies are unable to trigger abilities during their next Special Attack.

Signature Ability – Centaurian Archery: Yondu’s high-octave vocal range gives him precise control over his yaka arrows. Enemies activating a Special Attack suffer Weakness for each Debuff effect they’re suffering from at the time of the activation, reducing Attack by 30% for 5 seconds.

Synergy Bonuses

  1.   Nightcrawler or Beast – It Ain’t Easy – (All Champions gain +400 Block Penetration)
  2.   Rocket Raccoon – Friends – (All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating)
  3.   Ronan – Enemies – (All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating)
  4.   Star-Lord – Rivals – (All Champions gain +115 Critical Damage Rating)

Recommended Masteries

  • Collar Tech – The Power Reduction provided by Collar Tech, combines with Yondu’s Power Reduction while the Opponent is Debuffed to combine for a big reduction in the Opponent’s Power generation.
  • Resonate/Inequity – Yondu is already looking to stack Debuffs on an Opponent to lower the amount of Power they gain, these two Masteries not only increase the number of Debuffs he can place, but also gives an additional effect to all of his Debuffs.
  • Deep Wounds – Yondu gets a fair amount of his Damage from Bleeds, so increasing their damage output is obviously good. But he also benefits from the increased duration as it increases the amount of time his Power Gain Reduction is in effect, and he can place Bleeds on his Opponent through their Block to help make sure this effect lands.

Good Match-ups

  • Electro – Yondu can be quite effective against everyone’s (least) favorite walking Thorns node. His Yaka Arrows are Projectile Attacks, meaning they don’t trigger Static Shock (or Thorns!), and his ability to trigger Bleed through his Opponent’s Block lets him do full Bleed damage but with reduced Static Shock.
  • Colossus – Yondu holds all the cards in this matchup. He can steal Colossus’s Armor Ups, he triggers Armor Breaks instead of his Bleeds due to Colossus’s Immunity, and he has Class Advantage for even more damage!
  • Magik – Yondu’s reduction in Power Gain when applying Debuffs helps him do more Damage per point of Power his opponent gains. Against Magik, this helps keep her from triggering her Limbo.

Poor Match-ups

  • Hyperion – All of Hyperion’s Power Gain makes it difficult for Yondu to keep him from getting a Special Attack off, and since he’s a Cosmic hero, he has class advantage to help him hit even harder. Though Yondu’s Weakness on Specials can help keep him alive for a while, he’s definitely fighting uphill.
  • Agent Venom – Yondu’s problem with Agent Venom also extends to several other Champions, Crossbones and Groot come to mind (figured it out yet?). They all have the ability to shrug off Debuffs faster than usual. This makes it much harder for Yondu to suppress their Power Gain, and makes his Bleeds do less damage.
  • Daredevil – The Daredevil matchup is the down-side to have Projectile Attacks in your basic attacks. Yondu has to be very careful to avoid using one of his Yaka Arrow attacks as Daredevil will Evade them just like any other projectile. (Hint: Other than his Special Attacks, they’re all Light hits, so it’s possible to avoid using them)