With the surge of powerful Klyntar symbiotes flooding The Battlerealm, it’s no surprise that two of our most infamous bonded beasts have also seen some Buffs. Eddie Brock and Cletus Kasady aka Venom and Carnage have seen a variety of changes to amplify their already impressive abilities in The Contest!

About Venom:

After Peter Parker rejected a sinister alien symbiote, the extra-terrestrial threat sought revenge by bonding with Eddie Brock, ex-photographer for the Daily Bugle and Peter’s longtime rival. Fueled by their shared hatred of Spider-Man, Brock and the symbiote now use their immense strength and deadly abilities to gain revenge as the fearful Venom.

Base Stats & Abilities

*All stats based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

Health: 17,180

Attack: 1,216

Max PI:

  • Without Signature: 3,504
  • With Signature (99): 4,381

*All stats based on 5-Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200

Health: 34,447

Attack: 2,437

Max PI:

  • Without Signature: 7,058
  • With Signature (200): 9,742

Character Class: Cosmic

Basic Abilities: Bleed, True Strike, Fury, Klyntar Mutation

*All abilities based on 4-Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

Genetic Memory

  • Venom has a Klyntar Mutation Buff that refreshes itself every 9 seconds. When this effect activates, a random Genetic Memory Buff is gained from the list below. If Venom becomes Incinerated the Mutation Buff is Nullified. Max Genetic Memory Buffs: 7.
  • Resist Physical: 352 increased Physical Resistance
  • Armor Up: 222 increased Armor Rating
  • Cruelty: 325 increased Critical Hit Damage rating
  • Precision: 500 increased Critical Rating
  • Fury: 182 increased Attack Rating

Klyntar Buff

  • Venom’s Klyntar Mutation Buff provides +182 Attack and gains additional properties based on Venom’s opponent.
  • Hero Champions: +15% Bleed Ability Accuracy.
  • Spider-Verse Heroes: All attacks ignore Passive Evade effects.
  • Tech Champions: Power Burn and Power Drain Immunity.

Developer Note: These effects are only active while the Klyntar Mutation Buff remains active. If the Buff is removed for any reason, all these bonus effects are lost until the Buff is re-activated.

Heavy Attacks

  • A heavy strike inflicts Armor Break, reducing the opponent’s Armor Rating by 666 for 11 seconds. Landing this attack also causes Venom to randomize his most recent Genetic Memory Buff.

Critical Hits

  • Critical Hits lacerate opponents with a 80% chance, inflicting 912 Bleed damage over 4.5 seconds.

Opponent Below 18% Health

  • Venom’s bloodlust grants him True Strike and Unblockable Special Attacks.

Special 1: Constituent Lash – Morphing his arm into a whip of constituent-matter, Venom lashes his target thrice.

  • Each strike has a 55% chance to steal a Buff and feed it to the symbiote, Nullifying the Buff, triggering a Genetic Memory Buff and healing Venom for 687 Health.

Special 2: Constituent Carnage – Eight repeated strikes tear at opponents with tendril and claw.

  • Venom is unleashed, converting all Genetic Memory Buffs into Fury Buffs, each increasing Attack by 267 for 12 seconds.

Developer Note: The Buffs that are converted into Fury Buffs are lost. It is best to use this ability when the opponent is low on health to finish them off before they can activate specific abilities. Works very well when combined with Venom’s True Strike and Unblockable Special Attacks listed above.

Special 3: Hide-And-Seek – Venom’s body writhes and mutates into a creature of nightmares as he plays a twisted game of hide-and-go-seek with his prey.

  • An ambush attack grants Venom +5% damage during this attack for each Buff Venom has.

Developer Note: This also includes Buffs gained from other sources such as Local and Global Nodes.

Signature Ability: Aggressive Symbiosis

  • Rapid evolutionary changes to the Symbiote grant Venom an additional Genetic Memory Buff at the start of the fight, as well as a 100% chance to gain a third Buff to start the fight.
  • Venom’s Genetic Memory Buffs also gain +18% Potency.

Synergy Bonuses:

Arachnid Hunters (Vulture, Green Goblin)

  • Venom: +1 Max Genetic Memory Buff cap
  • Vulture: +2000 Armor vs. Special Attacks while an Armor Up Buff is active
  • Green Goblin: Each Madness and Cunning charge grants +1% Attack

Symbiote Progenitor (Venom)

  • All Symbiote Champions gain +4% Attack and Health.

Developer Notes: This is a self synergy that automatically activates and does not require a different Champion on the team to activate.

Family (Symbiote Spider-Man, Agent Venom, Venompool)

  • All Champions gain +5% Health

Enemies (Carnage, She-Hulk)

  • All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating

Nemesis (Spider-Man, Spider-Man (Miles Morales))

  • All Champions gain +6% Attack

Rivals (Electro, Doctor Octopus)

  • All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating

Teammates (Joe Fixit)

  • All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance

Recommended Masteries:

Deep Wounds

  • With the increase in base Bleed Damage, this Mastery now causes much more damage for Venom.


  • Now that Venom’s Bleed is based on Critical Hits, this Mastery now grants more damage increase than before.


  • Assassin has the same range as Venom’s True Strike ability listed above. Grab this Mastery to tear apart enemies that become more dangerous as they lose more and more health (Iron Man (Infinity War), Iron Man, Hulk, etc.)


  • Spike Damage: Venom now has the ability to spike his opponent down later on in the match. To quickly finish off most opponents, get them below 18% health then use Venom’s Special 2 Attack to finish them off. The massive damage boost from the Special 2 Attack combined with Unblockable attacks and True Strike will take down most challengers.
  • Adjustable Power: Through careful use of Heavy Attacks, Venom can change his Genetic Memory Buff choice to better match his opponent. If the opponent has an effect that regularly ignores armor, try switching to Physical Resist or to an offense focused Genetic Memory Buff instead.


  • Buff Reliant: Venom is very reliant on stacking up his Buffs to get the most damage output possible. Champions that can easily Nullify his Buffs will have a much easier time fighting Venom.

About Carnage:

Cletus Kasady was a serial killer from Brooklyn, psychotic and depraved from an early age. As a cellmate of Eddie Brock’s, he bonded with a spawn of the Venom Symbiote during a prison break, and merged into a single twisted being. Kasady and the Symbiote would go on a killing spree, earning them their name: Carnage. With the Symbiote amplifying Kasady’s psychotic tendencies, there’s no telling how deep their acts of depravity will plunge.

Base Stats & Abilities

*Stats based on 4 Star, Rank 5, Level 50, Signature Level 99

Health: 13379 -> 14140
Attack: 979 -> 1021
Max PI:

  • Without Signature: 3688 -> 3706
  • With Signature (99): 4855 -> 4895

*Stats based on 5 Star, Rank 5, Level 65, Signature Level 200

Health: 26826 -> 28350
Attack: 1963 -> 2048
Max PI:

  • Without Signature: 7418 -> 7452
  • With Signature (200): 10220

Character Class: Cosmic

Basic Abilities: Resist Physical, Precision, Fury, Cruelty, Bleed


  • The Carnage Symbiote changes form creating weapons and armor providing Passive bonuses based on Carnage’s current needs.
  • Struck: +998.5 -> +1636.36 Physical Resistance
  • Block: +998.5 -> +1636.36 Block Proficiency
  • Light Attack: +998.5 -> +1333.33 Critical Rate
  • Medium Attack: +391.6 -> +459.45 Attack
  • Heavy Attack: +1508.77 -> +1636.36 Critical Damage Rate

Developer Note: Same Buffs, but bigger numbers, slightly larger buffs to the defensive Buffs to help him feel a little less squishy!

Special Attacks

  • Each time Carnage activates a Special Attack he begins to Mutate for 10 seconds.
  • Once his mutation ends, he copies his current Symbiotic Creation as a Permanent Buff.
  • He can have a Maximum of 5 Permanent Buffs.

Developer Note: No changes here, move along … move along

Critical Hits

  • If the target is already Bleeding or Armor Broken, gain a 80% -> %100 Chance to Bleed dealing 44.06 -> 56.16 damage over 0.5 seconds.

Developer Note: Now a 100% chance, the point is to get the crits while the Bleed/Armor Breaks are active, and it didn’t feel rewarding to do that, and hit that unlucky 20%.

Heavy Attacks

  • 100% chance to inflict Bleed dealing 538.45 -> 995.48 Direct Damage over 10 -> 15 seconds.

Developer Note: Increased Duration, to help keep Carnage’s Power Gain train rolling, and increased Damage to make it less susceptible to Willpower.

*New Ability* Ravager – Passive

  • Carnage rips and tears at his opponents, each time he triggers a Bleed Debuff on his Opponent he has a 25% chance to Refresh the Duration of all the other Bleed Debuffs on his Opponent.
  • If one of his Bleeds fails to apply due to an Immunity he has a 100% chance to Armor Break his opponent instead, reducing their Armor by 1333.33 lasting for 10 seconds. The Armor Break doesn’t stack.
  • While his Opponent is Bleeding or Armor Broken, his Special Attacks become Unblockable.

Developer Note: Couple of changes here, the Armor Breaks replacing Bleeds when the opponent is immune makes Carnage better at overcoming the Bleed Immunity of Robots who he should have the Cosmic over Tech advantage against. The Bleed refresh shifts more of Carnage’s Damage potential into his Bleeds, and makes him work even better with Deep Wounds (more time to land that Bleed Refresh), It also allow him to keep his Power Gain flowing without needing to thread in Heavy Attacks or Special 3’s nearly as often. Special note for the Beta Players, apologies for the bug on the info page, you were playing Carnage with the Bleed Reset Chance at 20% for your reference.

*New Ability* Ravager – Passive

  • Carnage gains 50% additional Power from Striking his Opponent. This is reduced by 25% per Mutation Buff he has.

Developer Note: A big injection of Power at the beginning of the fight, as long as Carnage stays on offense. This is targeted at allowing Carnage to get his first 4 Mutation Buffs locked in much faster, and making it much less punishing if you have to build up to SP3 to get a bleed in place. Note: the bonus reduces by 25% per Mutation Buff, meaning at 2 Buffs the bonus is 25% and is entirely gone at 4 Buffs. If you were in Beta there was a bug with this ability we only found after the test which was cutting off the Power Bonus at 2 Buffs, so this should help Carnage ramp to 4 Buffs even faster!

Special 1: Frenzied AssaultCarnage hurls himself at his opponent, rending with limbs and tentacles alike.

  • This attack receives +998.5 -> 1076.92 additional Critical Rating.

Developer Note: Same as before, but slightly more Critical Rating. The combination of many hits, and the Critical Rating bonus makes this attack the way to try and refresh Bleeds.

Special 2: Rabid OnslaughtCarnage uses his tentacles to suddenly propel himself towards his target while he strikes with his claws.

  • This attack receives +1529.33 -> 1571.43 Critical Damage Rating.

Developer Note: Again same as before with a juuuust a bit more Critical Damage Rating, this is the go to Special Attack for DPS once Carnage has all of his Buffs built up, especially with a Critical Rating Buff or 2, and some Furies locked in to make the most use of the bonus Critical Damage Rating.

Special 3: Aberrant SoulCarnage uses his tentacles to pin his opponent in place, allowing him to take the time to revel in the carnage he creates.

  • 100% chance to cause the Opponent to Bleed, dealing 3671.25 -> 5819.7 Direct Damage over 20 -> 30 seconds.

Developer Note: Increase to Damage and Duration, of the Bleed, makes this the way for Carnage to get a Bleed in place if you can’t easily land a Heavy Attack (eg Stun Immune Fights). The duration is also long enough that it tends to be relatively easy to keep refreshing it for most of, if not an entire, fight.

Signature Ability: Bloodlust

  • The sight and smell of blood triggers Carnage’s bloodlust, granting a Power Gain Buff when activating a Bleed or Armor Break on the opponent that lasts as long as the Opponent is Bleeding or Armor Broken. The Power Gain grants up to 6.57% of a Bar of Power per second based on how close Carnage is to the Bleeding or Armor Broken opponent.

Synergy Bonuses

  • Venom – Shared Genetic Memory – (Venom and Carnage gain +1 to their maximum number of Genetic Memory or Hyper Mutation Buffs)
  • Deadpool or Deadpool (X-Force) – Enemies – (All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating)
  • Spider-Man – Nemesis – (All Champions gain +6% Attack)
  • Spider-Man (Symbiote) or Agent Venom or Venompool – Family – (All Champions gain +6% to Health)

Developer Note: These are unchanged