Delve into the MojoDome this February!

Hello Summoners! The season of love is almost upon us, but a certain Spineless One has more “entertaining” priorities!


X-23 and Rogue travel to a dark corner of the Battlerealm to investigate a mysterious signal, only to be ensnared in a deadly game show hosted by the evil media mogul and ruler, Mojo! They discover that Mojo has been capturing X-Men to act as unwilling participants in his lethal live-streams, and broadcasting them to the Battlerealm from The Mojodome!

To make matters worse, Mojo has employed the mysterious Longshot to act as his right-hand-man and enforcer. Help X-23 and Rogue escape the Mojodome, and bring an end to the maniacal Mojo!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Battlerealm to bring you our two newest Champions!

Longshot is the genetically engineered star of the Mojoverse’s most dangerous shows, and an unwilling participant in countless schemes orchestrated by the devious Mojo. With the aid of his supernaturally powerful luck, Longshot is able to perform daring stunts and accomplish impossible tasks in his fight for freedom against the Spineless Ones who created him.

Mojo is a being known as a “Spineless One”, who resides in a place known as the Mojoverse where all radio, television, and communication signals converge. This constant bombardment of media has driven Mojo and his kind insane. Lucky for Mojo, he knows how to market his particular brand of madness. Armed with arcane powers and an anti-life field that is lethal to everyone around him, Mojo is sure to crush any and all competitors.

Love is a Battlerealm 3 II

Another year. Another heartbreak. PSYCHE! Not this time. Deadpool’s got a plan to guarantee  someone to love him just in time for the season of seduction. But why stop at just one? What if EVERYONE in the Battlerealm loved Deadpool?  With the help of the probably-not-evil-just-misunderstood Diablo, Deadpool has crafted a Love Potion and spread it across The Contest, making everything with a beating heart (or equivalent) fall head over heels for him. Oh boy!

Love is in the Air

During the Love is a Battlerealm 3 II event, you’ll be able to earn Shattered Heart Shards. You can use these to purchase Shattered Heart Crystals, Grandmaster Shattered Heart Crystals, and special Potions!

Mojo’s Taking Over!

Mojo wants to get involved with everything that’s going on in The Contest! Look out for special Objectives, and a 21 Day Mojoverse Arena full of Special Love Themed Teams! Complete these objectives, and hit those milestones for even more Shatter Heart Shards!

All this and more is heading your way next month! Prepare yourselves Summoners!