Big changes are on the horizon! As the Grandmaster starts to make his play for control of The Contest, The Collector’s continued experimentation has started to reshape and rework the entirety of the Battlerealm. As this Elder’s War commences, the very rules of combat have been rewritten. Champion abilities, stats, synergies and many other factors have undergone the biggest change The Contest has ever seen. These exciting updates to The Contest will enable it to be more competitive, and introduce some new and exciting Champions and features!

This change will be occurring alongside the release of the 12.0 update on March 1st, 2017. Read on below to learn more about these exciting new changes to The Battlerealm!



Stats and their impact on combat have undergone the largest change. The majority of Champions stats have been converted from raw percentages into new flat rating values. These values in turn will be placed into new calculations to determine different in-game effects like Critical Hit Chance and Damage Reduction.

All Champions will start with a base for each of their stats. As you rank and level up that Champion, those stats increase and make your Champion stronger.


Our goal is to ensure that all Champions have a place within the meta of the game and none fall so far behind in terms of power that they are ever unusable. The Contest was in danger of this becoming a possibility with the old combat system.

Many Summoners have noticed that a new combat-centered feature hasn’t been introduced into The Contest since Masteries were introduced back in early 2015. This was because The Contest’s old combat system lacked the scalability needed to make any changes to the core combat. With only a few changes, it was very possible for Summoners to max out their Critical Hit Chance, or Armor, and while this made Summoners feel very powerful, it also removed all sense of challenge and strategy from the game. These changes will encourage strategic play and make The Contest a formidable challenge to all Summoners.

Due to stats being maxed out easily, it made it difficult to introduce new modifications that would provide Summoners with the opportunity to customize their Champion’s stats or abilities without causing all Champions to sit at max stats. With that blocker removed, new features that will allow Summoners to customize their Champions abilities to better suit their needs will be able to enter The Contest.


Many Champions will have slight adjustments to their old stats as they are brought into the new combat system. Critical Hit Chance has become Critical Rating, and Armor has become Armor Rating. These new stats are also flat values instead of raw percentages, making it easier to compare and contrast.

A new system called Challenger Rating will also be introduced. With this new system, Champions that are at a higher rank and rarity than their opponent will see their base stats (such as Critical Rating and Armor Rating) grow. Meanwhile, facing off against Champions that are at a higher rank or rarity than you will result in a lower base Armor and Critical Rating.

This new rating system will see many Champions’ stats updated. To bring all Champions into a less exaggerated power curve, some Champions will see very little change, while others may see larger swings either up or down in power. Champions that were at the top of the power curve for any given stat will see that stat naturally lowered by the new system, while Champions at the bottom end of the power curve will see their stats rise in order to bring greater balance to Champion base stats.


The core of the system change is in a new diminishing returns calculation. Stats that were previously percentage based, such as Critical Hit Chance will be turned into new flat value rating. This flat value rating will be put through a new formula to determine the Champion’s chance to score a critical hit during combat.

As any given stat approaches the top of the power curve, it gets harder and harder to make that stat better. Meanwhile, stats that are very low will grow very rapidly in usefulness when compared to naturally high base stats. This helps to bring greater balance between stats as all Champions can get a decent Critical Hit Chance but getting an exceptional crit chance becomes harder.


The clash between the two Brothers has also introduced a handful of new exciting stats that didn’t exist previously!

  • Armor Penetration – allows you to ignore a portion of your opponent’s Armor Rating with every attack.
  • Critical Resistance – allows you to ignore a portion of your opponent’s Critical Hit Chance when they’re attacking you.
  • Block Penetration – allows you to ignore a portion of your opponent’s Block Proficiency with every attack.


All Champions will see some degree of updates with the new system, some more than others as these sweeping changes come to The Battlerealm. The following Champions will be affected by The Elder’s War, go to The Contest’s forums to get more details on the Champions below:

  • Abomination
  • Ant-Man
  • Black Bolt
  • Black Panther
  • Black Widow
  • Doctor Strange
  • Groot
  • Hulk
  • Iron Patriot
  • Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)
  • Magneto
  • Phoenix
  • Punisher
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Spider-Gwen
  • Star-Lord
  • Thor
  • Thor (Jane Foster)
  • Unstoppable Colossus
  • Ultron
  • Winter Soldier
  • Yellowjacket

Regeneration / Life Gain Effects

In addition to specific changes to the above Champions, regeneration effects will all be changed to be calculated off of base health rather than modified health. This will prevent Champions like Wolverine or Ultron from being unbeatable when they have a large modified amount of health (such as Alliance Wars buff nodes).


This is a large change, and we want you to enter this new age of The Elder’s War as prepared as possible! Because of these changes, all Summoners will receive an adjustment package with the release of 12.0. This package is designed to give you the means to shift your resources you have previously used to rank up one Champion to another and try something new with your rosters! This package will scale based on your time investment and roster (overall hero rating and ownership of 3 and 4-star Champions).

Rank Down system

One of the biggest items Summoners have requested when the Block Proficiency and Willpower changes occurred was the ability to “Rank Down” Champions and shift Catalysts from one Champion to another. As part of the 12.0 update we will be introducing a Rank Down feature. Each player will be given a certain amount of Rank Down Tickets that will allow Summoners to step down the ranks of their Champions and recoup the Catalysts and up to 100% of the gold and ISO invested to rank them up.

  • Rank Down Tickets come in many forms, they can be generic, class specific and even rank specific.
  • For this release, the Rank Down Tickets will be 3, 4 or 5 Star generic tickets and will return all resources used to rank up a Champion a single rank.
  • For example, using a 4-Star Rank Down ticket, you will be able to step down a 4-Star, 5/50 to 4/40. You will receive back all of the Catalysts used to rank up that Champion to 5/50 from 4/40 as well as 100% of ISO and Gold!

And in addition to the adjustment package, there will be multiple events and promotions running for Summoners to take advantage of this opportunity to upgrade and revise their rosters. For a list of all of these events, please visit our forums for details.

The Elder’s War promises to bring about some exciting changes that we hope you are excited about!  To discuss this in more detail with your fellow Summoners, go to our Forums!