Enter The Nexus of All Realities this October!


September is coming to a close. That means it’s time to look ahead to what you can look forward to next month! Prepare yourself to enter the Nexus of All Realities this October!

The Legend of the Guillotine Continues

Morningstar has become a dangerous entity within The Battlerealm, leaving only carnage in her wake. Opposing this new threat is Elsa Bloodstone and her Monster Hunting Posse. They request your assistance to hunt down the “Demon Golem” and restore order to The Battlerealm.

Morningstar finds an unlikely ally in Guillotine, with whom she shares a mystical connection. La Fleur du Mal believes there is more to the attacks than just simple violence. A battle for the souls of the past and future awaits in Guillotine: Future Prometheus!

Attack on the Nexus!

A gate to The Nexus of All Realities has opened! This bizarre place acts as the metaphorical glue holding together every reality. Bring Heroes and Villains of the proper Class during the week and earn access to a special Quest with the protector of the Nexus: Man-Thing!

What secrets and await in these strange and foreign dimensions? Find out soon!

3 New Champions enter The Contest

Elsa Bloodstone is the second of her name, daughter of legendary Vampire Hunter Ulysses Bloodstone. Elsa possesses the ancient Bloodgem artifact, granting her superhuman capabilities and the ability to destroy any vampire foolish enough to drink her blood.

Once a brilliant biochemist, Dr. Ted Sallis worked for S.H.I.E.L.D. to replicate the Super Soldier Serum. Dr Sallis was forced to flee by an AIM plot to steal his work, injecting himself with the only remaining sample of his serum before crashing his car into the swap. However the serum interacted with the swamp itself and instead of being killed he was reformed into a creature made of the swap itself, The Man-Thing!

In the future world of 2099, the Alchemax Corporation acquires “La fleur du mal”, the ancient demon sword of the Guillotine lineage. Using future technology and corporate mystical arts, they reverse-engineer the demonic forces inhabiting the sword, creating a new weapon capable of “digitizing” human souls. Born out of an unholy blend of cutting-edge technology and ancient dark magic, Guillotine 2099 is developed as the blueprint for an army of sword-wielding robotic warriors.

The Finale of the Summoner Showdown!

The conclusion of the Summer long Summoner Showdown is coming to you live from New York Comic Con! 9 Summoners from across North America will face off to be crowned the 1st Winner of the Summoner Showdown! Tune in to see who takes the last Semi-Finalist spot on Wednesday, September 25th, and the finals on October 4th, live from New York!

Choose The Next Champion Update!

With Old Man Logan and Colossus’s reworks almost complete and ready for deployment, it’s time to look ahead to the next Community’s Choice Champion update poll! Watch out for more information in early October.

You’ve got all of this, and lots more to look forward to in October! More information will be available closer to the content’s release, so keep an eye on our Blog, Forums and Social Channels!