Marvel Comics Epic Eras Event

Experience Five Epic Eras of Marvel Comics

Greetings Summoner! Get ready for an epic month at The Contest!

Marvel Comics Epic Eras

It all starts on September 4th with a unique, time limited opportunity to explore the five Epic Eras of Marvel Comics with your favorite Champions. To refresh your memory, the five Epic Eras of Marvel Comics are: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Modern Era.

Here’s a more detailed look at what you can look forward to over the next four weeks:

The Contest – September Events:

Time After Time Event

Each week starting September 4th at 10 AM PDT, a new Chapter focused on the Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Modern Eras of Marvel Comics is released.

Each Chapter has one Gated Path, requiring a specific Champion to enter. Completing and Mastering this Quest grants Unified Crystal Shards and limited pool Hero Crystals. (Please Note: There will be two new Chapters released during the first week!)

Era-Specific Arenas

From September 12th to September 19th, and from September 26th to October 3rd, special Arenas are active! These Arenas feature Era specific Hero Crystals and Shards with the Top Rank Reward for each Arena — including a chance to pick 1 of 6 Champions!

Time Paradox Solo Event

Time Paradoxes can be dangerous, universe-shattering events. Fighting an opponent with a matching Champion gets you a reward, with more Points awarded for higher Star-Rated opponents and Bonus Points for using specific Champions. For example, fighting Captain America (WWII) with Captain America (WWII) can gain you Solo Event Points this month! Check your Solo Events for details on featured Champions!

Complete milestones and earn up to 55,000 x Gold PER DAY! (Particularly useful in the Gold Spend Event! Keep reading.)

Gold Spend Event

Make it rain! Earn Points by spending Gold in The Contest to collect Solo Event Rewards and Unified Crystal Shards.

Gold Spend Event – Era Hero Crystals

  • All Summoners can acquire 2- to 4-Star Era Hero Crystals!
  • A special Unified Crystal, featuring Champions from all the Era Hero Crystals, is also available for purchase with Crystal Shards earned throughout the month.
  • Those who have become Uncollected (by completing Act 5 Chapter 2, and Level 40+ or higher) will now be able to acquire 3- to 5-Star Era Hero Crystals and Grandmaster Unified Crystals!

Gold Spend EventGolden Age Crystals

  • For a limited-time, special Golden Age Crystals will be available that guarantee Gold with a rare chance to award the special 5-Star Unified Crystal! Get valuable resources and maybe add a powerful 5-Star Champion to your roster!
  • During the final week of the Gold Spend Event, we will be replacing the Versus Crystals found in Quickmatch with 2-Star Unified Basic Hero Crystals to allow you to go after the Champions you may still need to unlock Champion Gates in the Time After Time Event Quest. (Watch for the Quickmatch banner to change and you’ll know this new Reward update is live!)
  • If your Basic Hero is a duplicate of a Champion you already possess, that Champion’s Signature Ability increases by 1, but no additional prizes are awarded.

Prepare for battle, Summoner!
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