Incursions: Ultron’s Domain – Now Commencing April 8th!

Ultron has digitized The Battlerealm, creating a twisted version of The Contest in which the only victor is himself! It’s up to you to enter Ultron’s world, hack the very rules of The Contest, and empower your Champions to face the ever-increasing difficulty of challenges!

This evolution of the co-op mode previously known as Dungeons is now going live on April 8th!

While we had previously intended to and messaged that Incursions would start on April 20th, we understand that this social mode would provide Summoners with more to do, and a way to connect and play with friends and family around the world!

What is Incursions?

Incursions is a Co-op Game Mode where 2 Summoners play together to accomplish a single goal, defeat the boss, and move to the next Zone! You will pair up, select your team, and face off against Zones of randomly generated Enemies and Buffs whose difficulty will increase infinitely! That sounds a lot like Dungeons, doesn’t it? Well, a lot has changed!

What’s Changed?

In summary, you can look forward to these changes, but read on for more information on each of these!

Choice Nodes give you more agency:

  • Sabotage server links to remove a Link Node from an upcoming fight! 
  • Swap Champions in the middle of an Incursion!
  • Enable Hacks to empower your Champion Abilities!
  • Finish a Zone (formerly Rooms) to choose between Healing or Reviving your team, or activate a Rare Hack to give your Champions new Abilities!

Item Limits per Zone provide more of a Challenge – 5 Items per Zone

5 Day Timers per Event, instead of 3 Days!

No More Room Timers! Start an Incursion and you’ll have until the event ends to finish your run!

More Variety of Encounters:

  • Prepare to Encounter any Champion, regardless of class! 
  • Enemies have access to almost every non-Champion Specific Buff in The Contest!

A Permanent Game Mode:

  • Incursions is available all month long!
  • Rewards and Milestones have been revamped to provide stretch goals!
  • Earn more rewards for pushing further and challenging yourself!
  • No more point penalties for quitting your Incursions run when you are ready!

Your First Incursions Experience

In Incursions, your goal is to make your way through Zones, severing Linked Nodes, acquiring Hacks (buffs) that empower your Champions, and switching your roster on the go to make the most of your Hacks.

When you start an Incursion, the first thing you will see is a new map. There are still 2 sides, and you’ll still be taking down Linked nodes to help your partner, but now, you’ll be faced with a lot more choices.

First, you’ll encounter a Node that allows you to either terminate the linked nodes to the 2 Champions that you’ll encounter first or change one of your Champions! The new Champion will have the same health as the Champions you are swapping out, and your Champion being switched will go on cooldown, so be careful with your choices! 

Next, you’ll take on a Champion that provides a Linked Buff (as the Zone number increases, the numbers of Buffs on each node will increase too) to an opponent on your Partner’s side of the Map. Remember to ask them which Buff they’d prefer you remove, and to tell them which to remove too!

After you’ve defeated that Champion, you’ll get to choose your first Common Hack! Common Hacks are Buffs that last for 3 Zones and apply to all of your Champions, even those you swap in after activating the Hack!

Common Hacks enhance your Champion’s existing abilities, and offer bonuses like enhanced Ability Accuracy, Additional Buff Duration or Potency, or much more!

Next, it’s time to take down your next encounter! After you’ve taken on this next Challenge, you’ll get to choose another Common Hack that will prepare you to take on the Boss!

The Boss will now have one or more Local Nodes and no longer Degenerates if both link nodes have been taken down, and your Champions will no longer regenerate when striking them.

Need the health? There’s another Choice Node coming that can help!

After you or your Partner have taken down the final Boss, you each get to select another Bonus! This time, you can choose between Team Heal (heal your team for 40% of their base health), Tend Wounds (Revive all KO’d Champions on your team for 20% of their base health), or Pickup Boss Module (Choose a rare hack).

Boss Modules provide you with powerful Rare Hacks! Rare Hacks also last for 3 Zones (plus the 1 that you will complete right after leaving this node) and will give your Champions Abilities that they didn’t have access to before!

Ever seen Doctor Voodoo dealing out Shock Debuffs?

These Rare Modules open up a world of insane Buff combinations and power for your Champions! From adding new Buffs to your Champions Abilities to providing an additional Debuff for every Debuff your Champion places, there’s no limit to the incredible combinations you can encounter.

Remember, once you enter the next Zone, your first choice will allow you to change Champions on your team. If you have another Champion in your Roster that might benefit from the Common and Rare hacks you’ve gained, you can switch them in then!

If you’re having trouble keeping track of your Hacks, or just want to see the Hacks that your partner has chosen, you can select the new Purple Hacks button to the right of the screen. Here you can see all of the Hacks you and your partner have activated.

When you finish the Zone, you choose to move on or end your Incursions run. The difference now is that you will no longer lose out on points for leaving an Incursion Mid-Zone. What you’ve achieved will always be rewarded regardless of if you fail in the next Zone!

Now that you know the basics, your goal is to empower your Champions with the most complementary Hacks that you can gather, and break Ultron’s digitized version of the Contest!

Ready when you are

With the introduction of Incursions, the game mode will now be available all month long, and events will now go for 5 days at a time, instead of 3, and will no longer be based on classes.

Using your Champions in an Incursion does not lock them out of any other game mode.

There will also be no more Room Timers! That means that over those 5 days, you can jump in and out of an Incursion as often as you’d like during that time. That means that you and a partner can take up to 5 days to complete as many zones as you’d like. 


The goal of Incursions is to explore as many Zones as possible, and we want to encourage Summoners to push further than they ever have before!

Rewards are now available for Milestones (which reset every 5 days), and Top Zone rewards, which will reset every 30 days.

Milestones are achieved by earning points from completing a Zone. 

You now get your points when you complete a room, and no longer have to conclude your Incursions run to get points! No more choosing between playing it safe and ending a run, or risking a harder Incursion for more points!

Top Zone rewards can only be earned once per month, and are awarded upon reaching the highest Zone you can for the first time that month. They are automatically claimed when you finish a Zone.

For example, if you and a partner make it to Zone 4 on your first run of the month, you’ll earn the Top Zone Rewards for Zones 1-4. If on your second run, you make it to Zone 6, you’ll also earn the rewards for Zones 5 and 6, but not for Zones 1-4 again. If on the third run, you only make it to Zone 5, you will not earn any Top Zone rewards for this run.

Sectors 1-6 have Top Zone Rewards up to Zone 10, and will include Gold, Artifacts and Crystal Shards. Sector 7 also has Gold, Artifacts and Crystal Shards in Zones 1-10, but also has extra Top Zone rewards all the way up to Zone 25 that include only Gold and 5-Star Crystal Shards.

Every Summoner will qualify for 2 Sectors in which they can earn Top Zone Rewards, based on their Incursions Tier (read on for details about eligibility).

Friendship and Matchmaking Bonuses are still present, and remain unchanged.


Formerly called Dungeons 1-7, Sectors represent your difficulty level (Sector 1 being the lowest, Sector 7 being the highest). Every Summoner will have a choice of 2 Sectors available to them that will help them earn Top Zone Rewards.

They are determined by your Incursions Tier, which is determined by how many Champions of a certain rarity you possess.

Where do you fit? Find out below:

Tier 7 (No Special Requirements): Sector 1 and 2

Tier 6 (Own 8+ 3-Star Champions): Sector 1 and 2

Tier 5 (Own 16+ 3-Star Champions): Sector 2 and 3

Tier 4 (Own 8+ 4-Star Champions): Sector 3 and 4

Tier 3 (Own 16+ 4-Star Champions): Sector 4 and 5

Tier 2 (Own 8+ 5-Star Champions): Sector 5 and 6

Tier 1 (Own 16+ 5-Star Champions): Sector 6 and 7

If you want to join a friend on a lower Sector than your prescribed Sectors, you will be able to earn points towards Incursions Milestones, but not Top Zone Rewards.

Potions and Revives

Like Alliance Quests and Alliance Wars, Incursions use their own Potions and Revives. We’re increasing the potency of Incursions Potions and Revives across the board, and reducing their costs!

If you already have Incursions/Dungeons Potions or Revives in your inventory, don’t worry! They’ll be updated as well. 

Save the Digital World

Incursions start on April 8th! Find a friend or Alliance Mate, and get ready to hack The Contest!

There’s lots to learn about Incursions. Keep an eye out between now and the start of Incursions for videos and other content by your favourite Marvel Contest of Champions Content Creators!