International Women's Day Champion Updates

International Women’s Day Champion Updates

Celebrate International Women’s Day with New 22.0 Release

Greetings Summoners and Happy International Women’s Day! With the new 22.0 Release we’re very proud and happy to announce 3 large Champion Updates coming to The Contest.

Spider-Gwen, She-Hulk and Gamora Score Massive Overhauls

Some of you no doubt noticed the new Special 1 attack animation for Spider-Gwen last update and now her abilities are ready for a full release. But she’s not the only one being recognized on International Women’s Day…

She-Hulk and Gamora also receive an overhaul and an update of their abilities and stats tuning. Check out below for a full breakdown of the new ability sets. Enjoy!

As a note: these breakdowns are based on a 4 Star Champion, Rank 5, Level 50, with a Signature Level 99.

Champion: Spider-Gwen

Stat Changes

  • Health
    • Increased from 13,987 to 14,900 +6.5%
  • Attack
    • Increased from 1,171 to 1,216 +3.8%
  • Physical Resistance Increased
    • Old Damage Reduction vs All Attacks – 12%
    • Old Damage Reduction vs Physical Attacks – 12%
    • New Damage Reduction vs All Attacks – 17%
    • New Damage Reduction vs Physical Attacks – 17%
  • Critical Damage Rating Increased
    • Old Critical Damage Multiplier 2.0x
    • New Critical Damage Multiplier 2.1x
  • PI Increased
    • Old PI  4060
    • New PI  4410

Abilities Breakdown


  • Spider-Gwen begins each fight with 1 charge of Spider-Sense active. Each charge grants +182 Attack Rating and a 7% chance to Evade all incoming attacks. Max: 5 charges.
  • If fighting a Champion of the Superior Class, begin the fight with an additional 3 Spider-Sense charges.
  • When struck 5 times, gain 1 Spider-Sense charge.
  • 100% chance when struck by an opponent with a True Strike Buff to Nullify that Buff and gain a Spider-Sense charge.

Evade Effects

  • When struck by an Unblockable Special Attack, Spider-Gwen ignores the damage. Activating this Ability causes Spider-Gwen to gain +550% Evade Ability Accuracy during the enemy’s Special Attacks for the remainder of the fight.
  • While Blocking, this Champion will not attempt to Evade.

Heavy Attacks

  • Causes a Slow Debuff on the opponent for 15 seconds, reducing the Ability Accuracy of their Unstoppable and Evade effects by 100%. Opponents with a natural Class Advantage cannot be Slowed.

Evade an Attack or Land a Combo-Ending Attack

  • Active Hunter-Spider and Trap-Spider effects have their effect duration paused for 0.5 seconds. During Special Attacks, these effects are also paused for the full duration of the attack.

Special 1

  • 100% chance to gain a Passive Trap-Spider effect for 10 seconds. This grants +150 Critical Damage Rating and allows attacks a 30% chance to Enervate the opponent, preventing them from gaining Power when struck for 5 seconds.
  • Gain 1 Spider-Sense charge after activating this attack.

Special 2

  • 100% chance to Paralyze the opponent for 4 seconds, Stunning them and reducing their Power and Health gains by 80%.

Developer Note: Once her signature ability is unlocked, Spider-Gwen can start using this Debuff to invert Healing effects. Works quite well against Magik’s Limbo to turn it into direct damage.

Special 3

  • 100% chance to gain a Passive Hunter-Spider effect for 18 seconds, causing each attack to deal a burst of extra Physical Damage equal to 55% of Spider-Gwen’s attack damage dealt.

Signature Ability – Web Warrior

  • With greater experience in The Contest, Spider-Gwen learns to do whatever a spider can and gains the following ability improvements:
  • Slow Debuff lasts 2.5 seconds longer.
  • +105 Critical Damage Rating for each Spider-Sense charge.
  • Paralyze reduces Power & Health gains by an extra +60%.
  • +40% Hunter-Spider and Trap-Spider ability duration.


Gwenom Rising – Venom, Carnage, Venom the Duck, Symbiote Supreme

  • Gwen’s Spider-Sense charges are evolved, reducing their Evade chance by half. They also now grant an additional +10% Attack rating each and their max cap is raised by 1.

Developer Note: This synergy is somewhat unique in that it has a slight drawback to counteract its high damage potential. Without the synergy, the max evade chance is 25%. With the Synergy, she trades 10% Evade chance to get a whopping +60% attack in return.

Enemies – Daredevil (Classic), Rhino

  • +155 Critical Rating.

Enemies – Red Hulk, Thanos, Ultron

  • +155 Critical Rating

Rivals – Punisher

  • +115 Critical Damage Rating

Romance – Spider-Man

  • +5% Power Gain

Recommended Masteries


  • The effects of Petrify actually stack on top of Spider-Gwen’s existing Paralyze Stun effects. Combine this with her signature ability and your Paralyze Debuffs will quickly start to reverse your opponent’s healing effects into degeneration effects as well as power lock them.

Glass Cannon

  • With a much heavier focus on Evade than on damage reduction, Spider-Gwen works well with Glass Cannon as she is less reliant on her Health pool, and the increased attack rating benefits her new Hunter Spider ability very well.


Unblockable Special Attacks

  • Spider-Gwen gets a massive increase to her Evade chance whenever she’s faced with an Unblockable Special Attack. This makes her very well suited to counter tough boss nodes that feature tricky special attacks that are difficult to use Dexterity against.

Parry or Dexterity

  • Unlike other champions with Evade, Spider-Gwen will not attempt to Evade while she is in her Blocking animation. This means that skilled Summoners have the freedom to decide when to use Evade, Dexterity or Parry.

Strong vs. Unstoppable

  • With her new Slow Debuff, Spider-Gwen is now suited to deal with Champions that might rely on Unstoppable effects. Just make sure to apply the effect before the Unstoppable tries to activate.


Evasive, but not tough

  • While Spider-Gwen has seen a slight increase in her physical resistance, she still has a smaller than average health pool and fairly low defenses. As a result, if she finds herself without access to her Evade ability, she will often have a hard time staying in the fight for a long period of time.

Development Design Notes

When it came to updating Spider-Gwen’s abilities, we had several goals that we were trying to hit.

Give Spider-Gwen a specific place in the Meta with a strong focus on Class Relationships

  • For this goal, we designed the Spider-Sense charges to work well against Unblockable attacks and Superior Class Champions, two mechanics that don’t have many counters in the game. We also added the new Slow Debuff to counter Mystic Champions with the Unstoppable ability as well as the Paralyze Debuff to assist with short regeneration effects like Magik’s Limbo. We’ve also made her Trap Spider and Hunter Spider abilities Passive effects to make them immune to the Nullify mechanics of Mystic Champions.

Make her more interesting to fight with

  • We’ve added more timing and decision-based mechanics to Spider-Gwen’s kit. With her Heavy Attack to Slow the opponent, skilled Summoners can now deal with Unstoppable Champions and Evade mechanics. Additionally, timing her Special 3 and Special 1 abilities with frequent Combo-Ending attacks can provide a high level of damage output while denying the opponent most of their power gain.

Bring her abilities more inline with other Spider-Verse Champions

  • While it’s important for each Spider-Verse Champion to feel unique and have their own ability kit, we also want to make sure that, whenever possible, Champions with similar background or lore will have similar mechanics. Spider-Gwen now has similar Evade mechanics to her counterparts, and is now countered by many of the same Champions that are used to counter Spider-Man (Classic) or Spider-Man (Miles Morales).

Champion: She-Hulk

Stat Changes

  • Health
    • Increased from 16,876 to 17,332 +2.7%
  • Attack
    • Increased from 1,193 to 1,261 +5.7%
  • Physical Resistance Increased
    • Old Damage Reduction vs All Attacks – 14%
    • Old Damage Reduction vs Physical Attacks – 14%
    • New Damage Reduction vs All Attacks – 14%
    • New Damage Reduction vs Physical Attacks – 22%
  • Critical Damage Rating Increased
    • Old Critical Damage Multiplier 1.5x
    • New Critical Damage Multiplier 1.7x
  • PI Increased
    • Old PI  4073
    • New PI  4418

Abilities Breakdown

Induce Panic

  • She-Hulk’s sharp intellect and overwhelming strength panics her foes, increasing their chance to launch a Special Attack by 15% for each of her personal Passive Fury effects.

Attacking & When Attacked

  • 11% chance to gain a Passive Fury effect, increasing attack by 441 for 8 seconds.

Opponent Activates a Special Attack

  • If the opponent doesn’t have a Class Advantage, She-Hulk refreshes the duration of all of her personal Passive Fury effects.

Heavy Attacks

  • If the opponent is Unstoppable, this attack cannot be interrupted. If the attack lands, the Unstoppable effect is removed and She-Hulk gains a Passive Fury, increasing attack by 882 for 8 seconds.
  • A debilitating strike Slows the opponent for 12 seconds, preventing them from becoming Unstoppable or Evading. Opponents with a Class Advantage cannot be Slowed.

Always Active

  • Extensive weight training allows She-Hulk’s personal Passive Fury effects and all Stun Debuffs to last up to 50% longer, based on the size of her opponent. Larger opponents grant longer effects.

Special 1

  • 100% chance to gain a Passive Fury effect, increasing attack by 441 for 8 seconds.
  • 75% chance to Exhaust the opponent, reducing Critical Damage Rating by 76 and the Potency of Power Gain effects by 25% for 10 seconds.

Special 2

  • 100% chance to Petrify the opponent, reducing the Potency of Power Gain and Regeneration effects by 115% for 15 seconds.

Developer Note: This will reverse healing effects and turn them into degeneration effects.

Special 3

  • 100% chance to Stun the opponent for 3.5 seconds.
  • 100% chance to Weaken the opponent for 14 seconds, reducing their Attack by 65%.

Signature Ability – Citing Precedent

  • Tireless research grants a benefit based on the opponent’s Class.
  • Science: 65% chance with each hit landed to shrug off a Debuff.
  • Mystic: +630 Attack Rating and She-Hulk’s attacks cause the opponent to gain 20% less Power.
  • Cosmic: +189 Attack Rating for each Buff the opponent has.
  • Tech: Opponent suffers -55% Armor Up effect duration & Potency.
  • Mutant: Opponent suffer -50% Ability Accuracy during Special Attacks.


Agents of S.M.A.S.H – Hulk, Hulk (Ragnarok), Red Hulk

  • She-Hulk: +20% Potency for personal Passive Fury effects.
  • Hulk (Ragnarok): SMASH attacks gain +15% attack.
  • Red Hulk: +2% attack for each Heat charge.
  • Hulk: +20% Fury Buff duration & Potency.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies

Legal Defense – Daredevil (Classic), Daredevil

  • All Champions gain +15% Stun Ability Accuracy
  • Daredevil, Daredevil (Classic): +800 Critical Rating during Special Attacks
  • She-Hulk: +15% duration for personal Passive Fury effects.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies

Romance – Luke Cage, Superior Iron Man

  • All Champions gain +5% Power Gain

Enemies – Mephisto, “Coming Soon” Champion

  • All Champions gain +155 Critical Rating

Teammates – Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan)

  • All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance

Recommended Masteries


  • While She-Hulk’s attack rating is higher than average and her Fury effects will grant even more so, she only boasts a middle-of-the-road critical hit chance. Adding this Mastery will provide a large damage output boost for her.

Serum Science

  • While She-Hulk has a moderately sized health pool and some decent defenses, she lacks any strong defensive capabilities. Grabbing Serum Science can help shore up one of She-Hulk’s most lacking defenses, Energy Resistance.


Very Strong vs. Unstoppable

  • With her new Slow Debuff, She-Hulk can shut down an enemy’s Unstoppable effects before they begin. She also has a new ability that allows her to swing through using her Heavy Attack even if she’s interrupted, making her very good at getting that Debuff in place.

Reduced Special Baiting

  • Many experienced players know the pain of having to wait for the opponent to throw a special attack before they get to their Special 3. She-Hulk doesn’t experience that problem as much, as her new Induce Panic ability passively increases her opponent’s chance to launch a Special Attack during the fight.


Aggression Required

  • She-Hulk’s new abilities are at their most powerful when She-Hulk is staying aggressive throughout the fight. Stacking up her Fury Passives can remain constant if the opponent is constantly attacked. This means that whenever She-Hulk is fighting an opponent that can’t be attacked for a period of time she will have a harder time keeping her attack bonuses high.

Development Design Notes

When it came to updating She-Hulk’s abilities, we had some goals that we were trying to hit.

Give her a specific place in the Meta with a strong focus on Class Relationships

  • For this goal, we decided to focus on a handful of specific matchups in the Mystic Class. She-Hulk is now prepared to tear apart Unstoppable Champions with her new Slow mechanic and the ability to attack through a hit reaction while the opponent is Unstoppable. She’s also much better equipped to deal with Regeneration effects thanks to her Special 2 and she’s now better at baiting out her opponent’s Special Attacks.

Increase damage output to showcase her Hulk-ness

  • A stronger focus has been put on She-Hulk’s raw damage output. In addition to a simple attack and critical damage increase, we’ve also granted She-Hulk new Passive Fury effects when she’s struck or lands hits. These are Passive to make her resistant to Mystic Champions and also refresh very frequently, allowing an aggressive She-Hulk to stack up more and more Fury effects.

Champion: Gamora

Stat Changes

  • PI Increased
    • Old PI  4126
    • New PI  4471
  • Base Special Attack Damage Increased
  • Special 2 Old Damage: 100% of attack rating
  • New Damage: 150% of attack rating
  • Special 3 Old Damage: 210% of attack rating
  • New Damage: 360% of attack rating

Abilities Breakdown

Light Attacks

  • 30% chance to gain a Fury Buff, granting +304 Attack for 9 seconds.

Medium Attacks

  • 30% chance to gain a Cruelty Buff, granting +222 Critical Damage Rating.

Fury & Cruelty Buffs

  • Gamora’s personal Fury & Cruelty Buffs gain +5% duration for every 5 seconds that have passed during the fight to a max of +60% duration.

Heavy Attacks

  • Refreshes the duration of personal Cruelty and Fury Buffs.

Special 1

  • This attack has 100% Critical Hit Chance.
  • 100% chance to inflict Bleed dealing 1216 direct damage over 5 seconds.

Special 2

  • This attack has 100% Critical Hit Chance.
  • 80% chance to Armor Break, removing an enemy Armor Up and applying 667 Armor Rating reduction for 14 seconds.

Special 3

  • 100% chance to gain a True Strike Buff, allowing attacks to ignore Armor, Evasion, Auto-Block & Resistances for 11 seconds.

Signature Ability – Godslayer

  • Gamora begins each fight with a Godslayer Strike ready. Each Special Attack has a 100% chance to activate the Strike.
  • Once used, the Strike must cool down for 30 seconds.
  • Special 1: +600% Critical Damage Multiplier.
  • Special 2: Armor Break Debuffs during this attack gain +65% Potency, +100% duration and +150% Ability Accuracy.
  • Special 3: Inflicts a Shock Debuff, dealing 2432 Energy Damage over 10 seconds. Double damage vs. Robots.


Friends – Star-Lord, Storm, She-Hulk

  • All Champions gain +130 Armor Rating

Teammates – Drax, Agent Venom

  • All Champions gain +5% Perfect Block Chance.

Huntresses of The Contest – Angela, Guillotine

  • Angela: +10% Fury and Precision Buff Potency.
  • Guillotine: 50% chance when striking a Bleeding opponent to gain a Soul Charge. Cool Down: 10 Seconds.
  • Gamora: +10% attack if at least 30 seconds have passed during the fight.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies

Sibling Rivalry – Nebula

  • Nebula: First Special 1 or Special 2 Attack in each fight has 100% Critical Hit Chance.
  • Gamora: Robot opponents suffer -10% Ability Accuracy for each Cruelty Buff on Gamora.
  • Unique Synergy: Does not stack with duplicate synergies

Cybernetics Upgrade – Assault – Black Panther (Civil War), “Coming Soon” Champion

  • +20% Fury & Cruelty Buff Potency.
  • Solo: Only affects this Champion and does not stack.

Cybernetics Upgrade – Tactics – Beast, Iron Man (Infinity War)

  • Godslayer Strike recharges 20% faster and Special Attacks gain +20% Attack.
  • Solo: Only affects this Champion and does not stack.

Recommended Masteries


  • While Gamora can increase her Critical Hit Damage frequently during the fight, she doesn’t actually have a way to increase her chance to score a Critical Hit. Grab this Mastery for more frequent damage spikes.


  • Gamora is designed to become more dangerous during later portions of the fight. This stacks very nicely with Assassin to allow Gamora to quickly finish off foes once the rest of her abilities and Buffs have had a chance to ramp up during the rest of the fight.


More time = More Strength

  • Gamora’s Cruelty and Fury Buffs gain increased duration throughout the fight, which means that refreshing her Buffs through the use of a Heavy Attack will become easier throughout the fight. The longer the fight goes on, the better Gamora will perform.

Greater Utility

  • Gamora now has access to a few tools to strengthen her capabilities when fighting different Champions. Her new signature can tear apart Robots, while her new True Strike can grant her some limited reprieve when taking on difficult Auto-Block or Evade champions.


Buff & Timing Reliant

  • Much of Gamora’s strength is built into her ability to stack up multiple Fury and Cruelty Buffs. While fighting an opponent that can Nullify these Buffs quickly, or while fighting a Champion that can prevent you from landing those needed Heavy Attacks, Gamora will have a much harder time keeping her damage output high.

Developer Design Notes:

When it came to updating Gamora’s abilities, we had some goals that we were trying to hit.

Make her strong, but keep her simple

  • Some experienced players in The Contest may remember that Gamora is a Champion that is often picked up early by newer players. This is still true today and we didn’t want to disrupt that by making Gamora difficult to learn and understand. With that in mind, we decided to focus on 2 central mechanics (which I’ll talk about below) that will help newer players learn about some of the games strategies while ensuring that experienced players see a more powerful return for skillful gameplay.

New Mechanics: Heavy Timing & Power-Over-Time

  • In addition to updating Gamora to deal out more damage and have more utility, we also wanted to make her feel more like a Cosmic Champion. Since many Cosmic Champions will become stronger over time we wanted to add the new mechanic that causes Gamora’s Buffs to last longer the longer she’s in the fight. We also added the ability to refresh her Buffs with Heavy Attacks. This is to encourage new players to mix up their fighting styles to keep their damage output growing higher and higher during the fight (if they can land those tricky Heavy Attacks).