Opt-in Matchmaking starts Feb. 10 – Season 8 Alliance Wars

Alliance Wars Matchmaking System matches your Alliance with other Alliances that have opted-in for the upcoming War as well. This also means that all Alliances will enter Defense and Attack phase at the same time from now on.

This new system will help to improve the following:

  • Ensure that Alliances are being matched against other Alliances with similar capabilities.
  • Minimizes Alliances missing Wars based on matchmaking time.
  • Helps to minimize collusion.

These are all important steps in making Alliance Wars and Alliance Wars Seasons a fair, and competitive mode!

Opt-in Matchmaking: How does it work?

There are 3 Enlistment Periods each week. Alliances must opt-in to their next War during these times.

  • Enlistment times will begin Sunday, Wednesday, and Friday.
  • Wars will begin at 11am PST (7pm UTC) on Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday.
  • Matches will be given over the course of a 4 hour Matchmaking Phase, followed by a 20 hour Defense Placement phase, and a 24 hour Attack Phase.

Here is the schedule for the Matchmaking phase:

  • Wednesday at 11am – 3pm PST
  • Friday at 11am – 3pm PST
  • Sunday at 11am – 3pm PST

You must Enlist to join the next Alliance War before this time. You can Enlist at any time during the Defense or Attack Phase of the previous War, or at any time during the weekly Matchmaking Downtime (Sunday to Wednesday).

When you arrive at the Alliance Wars screen, you’ll notice a brand new Tab titled “Next War”. Here, Alliance Leaders and Officers can decide on the number of Battlegroups that they want to participate. They must then choose to “Enlist” in the upcoming War.

If you change your mind on how many Battlegroups you would like to run prior to Matchmaking starting, you can simply un-enlist, change your Battlegroup choice, and then re-enlist!

Your Alliance MUST Enlist prior to the Matchmaking Phase beginning. If you do not Enlist before Matchmaking starts, you will not be given a match for the next Alliance War, and will not be able to participate.

What if there is an odd number of Alliances?

While one of the benefits of this system is that matchmaking will now be done when all Alliances have opted-in, and will eliminate the issue of Alliances not being able to match for long periods of time and missing a War, it does mean that upto 3 Alliances per week (because of Battlegroup choices) may not find a match.

The System will work with a top down method for matchmaking, so these Alliances will likely be brand new, or consist of less experienced Summoners.

For those Alliances, we will be offering a “Bye”. They will be awarded the points, and the rewards for that match. There is a limit to how often an Alliance can be given a Bye, so it cannot be abused.

Season 8 Schedule

In order to put this new system into place, and ensure that all Summoners have updated to the latest version of the Game, there will be an extended downtime for matchmaking.

There will be no Wars from Wednesday, February 6th –  Wednesday, February 13th. Enlistment for War will kick off on Sunday, February 10th at 3pm PST.

Season 8 pre-season will run from Wednesday February 13th until February 20th.

Please do not hesitate to hit us up with your questions. We’ll update this post to better reflect the answers to those questions. We swear.