New York Comic Con 2017

Marvel Contest of Champions will be at New York Comic Con 2017! NYCC runs from October 5 to 8 at the Javitz Center in New York City. The MCoC booth number is #1466 (same location as last year, right next to the main Marvel booth).

We’ve got an exciting event, Summoners! We hope that you can come and take part! We’ll be running a huge tournament, have great swag and in-game prizes for you, and you can meet Guillotine and take a picture with her!

The following includes more details about what you can do at the booth, and how you can win some awesome stuff!


Think you have what it takes? Test your skills with our NYCC MCoC Ultimate Champion Tournament! Here’s how it’ll work:

  • Beat the boss at the pre-qualifiers
  • Beat the boss at the qualifiers and climb to the top of the leaderboard
  • On Thursday and Friday the top 2-3 players on the leaderboard will compete on the main Marvel stage to become the daily Champion (Saturday’s daily final will happen at the MCoC booth)
  • On Saturday, we will have the Thursday, Friday and Saturday winners compete against each other to become the 2017 NYCC MCoC Ultimate Champion on the main Marvel Stage
    • Note – if you are a finalist for the Ultimate Champion title and don’t have a pass for Saturday, don’t worry, we’ll make sure you can get into NYCC to compete!
  • On Sunday, we will have a tournament as well and award a daily Champion, however, this day does not qualify for the Ultimate Championship


  • Thursday/Friday:
    • Qualifiers will end at 4:30PM, top 3 players must be back at the MCoC booth at this time to participate in the Semi-Final
    • Semi-Final will start at 5:00PM on the Main Marvel Stage
  • Saturday:
    • Qualifiers will end at 2:00PM, top 3 players must be back at the MCoC booth at this time to participate in the Semi-Final
    • Semi-Final will start at 2:30PM at the MCoC Booth
    • Finals will start at 3:45PM on the Main Marvel Stage (Thursday and Friday’s winners must be at the MCoC booth at 3:15PM to participate in the Final)
  • Sunday:
    • Qualifiers will end at 4:00PM, top 3 players must be back at the MCoC booth at this time to participate in Sunday’s final
    • Sunday’s Final will start at 4:30PM at the MCoC Booth

Tournament Rules:


  • All entrants must either show the MCoC booth team their roster, or get a demo to learn how to play to gain entry
  • If you beat the boss, you will be given a ticket to proceed to the Qualifiers
  • You can attempt this as many times as you like, however, after each turn you will need to return to the back of the line


  • To gain entry you must successfully beat the boss in the pre-qualifiers, and show your pre-qualifier ticket to the MCoC booth staff
  • You can attempt this as many times as you like, however after each turn you will need to return to the back of the line. Just make sure you hang on to your pre-qualifier ticket to show the MCoC booth staff.
  • If you successfully beat the boss, you must notify the booth staff who will then record your name and stats on the leaderboard (only the top 5 will be shown). Winners are determined by:
    • Successfully beat the boss
    • Time spent to beat the boss (in the event of a tie, the player with the least amount of time will be ranked higher)
    • # of hits taken (in the event of a tie, the player with the least amount of hits taken will be ranked higher)
  • Each day, the top 3 players must come back to the MCoC booth to get ready for the daily show down. You will encounter a different boss to beat for this, so be prepared to alter your strategy!
  • The winner of each daily championship will be expected to attend on the Saturday for the final tournament to become the 2017 Ultimate NYCC Champion. If needed, MCoC staff will ensure that you can gain entry to NYCC for this (ie: you only have a pass for one of the four days)

*Kabam reserves the right to change the bosses in these challenges to ensure a fair and exciting competition. We expect you to behave with respect and courtesy towards your fellow competitors and our staff.*


(while supplies last)

All visitors can get*:

  • 1x Exclusive NYCC Post Card
  • 1x Screenwipe
  • 1x Minimate (Guillotine or Civil Warrior)
  • 1x Morningstar Temporary Tattoo (Sunday only)

MCoC Players*:

  • Exclusive epic poster (show us your roster to get one! 1 poster per player)

Daily Ultimate Champion Winners:

  • Custom MCoC Trophy
  • 5-Star Morningstar
  • 1x Tier 2 Alpha Catalyst
  • Swag Bag

Ultimate NYCC Champion Winner:

  • Custom MCoC Trophy
  • 5-Star Crystal
  • Awaken 5-Star Morningstar received from Daily Championship
  • iPad Mini
  • Swag Bag
  • Huge bragging rights!

We will also have more prizes that you can win! Visit us at our booth to learn how!*

  • Collectable Pin (Guillotine or Morningstar)
  • MCoC T-Shirt
  • MCoC Tote Bag
  • iPad Mini 4 (1 per day)
  • 5-Star Crystal (5 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 4 on Sunday)
  • 4-Star Crystal
  • Tier 4 Class Catalyst Crystal
  • 2500 Units

*All of the above items are subject to change without notice, and will only be available while supplies last. In-Game items will be given with game codes that can be redeemed in iTunes or Google Play. You can only redeem one of each unique in-game item per account. Do not attempt to redeem these codes on the show floor, the data and wifi in the building with that many people is spotty and could result in an issue with your redemption.*


Guillotine will be at our booth! Get a pic with her to share with your friends! Here’s the schedule of when she’ll be at the booth:

  • Thursday/Friday/Saturday:
    • 10:00AM to 12:00PM
    • 1:00PM to 3:00PM
    • 3:30PM to 5:30PM
    • 5:45PM to 7:00PM
  • Sunday:
    • 10:00AM to 12:00PM
    • 1:00PM to 3:00PM
    • 3:30PM to 5:00PM


We’ve partnered with Luke Ross to create some amazing artwork for an important story that we’ll be telling in the game soon. To celebrate this, Luke will be available for a signing on at the main Marvel booth signing area at 2PM on Thursday, October 5th. 


Have questions about the game? Chat with the actual developers of Marvel Contest of Champions! We’d love to meet you and chat about the game, hear your input so that together, we can make The Contest even better.

We hope to see many of you at New York Comic Con 2017! If you’re not able to attend, you can follow the activities on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and check us out on Marvel’s NYCC Live Stream!

*Anyone who interacts with the MCoC booth could be filmed. By entering the booth space, you agree to allow Kabam to use footage of you*