Silver Surfer Qualifier – Statistics Deep Dive

Written by: Dragon

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The first round of Qualifiers for the 2020 Summoner Showdown are complete and the winners are announced – Congratulations again to HappyMcMuffins, Angerdanger, and SøøFany! As the Marvel Contest of Champions community begins to look towards the next Challenge, it’s time to take a look at some of the awesome, and (maybe a few shocking!) details from the Silver Surfer Qualifier.  

A snapshot of the Challenge:

  • The number of times the Challenge was attempted by all Summoners? 569,992
  • The number of Summoners that attempted the Challenge? 92,821
  • The number of Summoners that completed the Challenge? 3,074
  • The number of times that the Challenge was completed by those 3,074 Summoners? 4,064
  • The total amount of damage done? 50,302,636,625 

With 92,821 Summoners spending 9,537 total hours playing the Silver Surfer Qualifier, and more than 50 billion damage done, many were dedicated to chasing their chance at being one of 9 Semi-Finalists for the 2020 Summoner Showdown!  However, the margin of potential victory was so close, and so tight, that in addition to the hours spent playing, there were 565,928 early exits out of the Silver Surfer Qualifier.  If the fight did not go perfectly, it required a quit out and restart.

As a result of many fights being restarted, the Silver Surfer Showdown Completion percentage was 0.71%, showcasing just how skilled our Summoners who defeated the Silver Surfer Challenge were! However, if a Summoner was one of the many who took one look at the Showdown Challenge and decided that they wanted to keep their thumbs in tact for the next Alliance War, and instead completed the Silver Surfer Showup Challenge? They were one of the 7.53% who were able to do so! 

How long did it take the Summoners who were completing the Challenges to do them?  While the leaderboard did show one of the fastest times at 319 seconds (5 minutes, 19 seconds), the average fight time for the Summoners defeating the Silver Surfer Challenge (for those that completed it) was 470 seconds (7 minutes, 50 seconds).  In comparison, the average for those Summoners completing the Show Up Challenge was 423 seconds (7 minutes, 3 seconds)!

Champions Leading the Way to Victory!

(Where did Ghost and Groot come from…)

Champion use is, without question, where it is possible to see some fun statistics come to light.  Including the two, very brave Summoners who decided to use Groot to defeat Silver Surfer.  Yes, they were successful, and yes, a moment of silence should be held for their poor thumbs after those fights.  

While Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans, the sword-toting, Armor Breaking, DPS-goddess dominated the leaderboard, she was not the only answer to this particular qualifier! 

To Angerdanger that did the Challenge more than 1,400 times, and was also able to complete, and become a Semi-Finalist, with Ghost?  There is no doubt that PandamanPete is proud of you.  In addition to being a Semi-Finalist, Angerdanger was the only person to complete the Silver Surfer challenge with Ghost.  

The other top Champions beyond Medusa (and Ghost) used to attempt the Silver Surfer Qualifying Challenge?  Colossus and Human Torch.  It is clear, based on the Champion choice, that outside of Champions that could deliver consistent Armor Breaks (as Medusa can) – Coldsnap immunity was priority.  Both Colossus and Human Torch are Coldsnap immune, and both have the ability to deliver truly punishing damage in a well-executed loop of their abilities.  

However, despite Human Torch’s DOT (Damage Over Time) abilities, it was Medusa, Colossus, and Captain Sparkles (Captain Marvel) who were the three Champions used most often to beat the Challenge.  While Captain Sparkles is not Coldsnap immune, much like Medusa, she has the ability to consistently and constantly Armor Break a Champion, and she gains Binary Ignition charges when under an effect such as Coldsnap.  However, while her damage during Binary Ignition is substantial, it could not hold a candle to the overall bleed damage Medusa could output in a fight.

Medusa’s cycle of using a Special 3 Attack, interspersed with Special 2 attacks for huge damage output ultimately came out on top for winning this Challenge. However, her Special Attacks did not have the highest damage.  The highest Special Attack 1 damage belonged to Electro, Venom, and Sorcerer Supreme!  And, as excellent a choice as Colossus was for this Challenge, the highest Special Attack 2 damage was registered by Sasquatch, Bishop, and Ghost!

Opposite the three most frequently used Champions to complete the challenge, are the three Champions that were used a mere handful of times – but were successful in doing so!  The three most infrequently used Champions?  Sentry, used once, Groot, used twice, and Iron Man (the original Iron Man), also used twice.  To those five brave Summoners, I tip my hat.  A Challenge very well met!

Looking ahead to the next Challenge and Round of Qualifiers – who could top both ends of the Champion use list?

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