Sinister Labs Event

Sinister Labs Event

August’s Sinister Labs Event (Aug. 7th – Sept. 4th, 2019) is one event you don’t want to miss! Why? When Mister Sinister experiments with genetics and mutants… all kinds of wrong can happen!

Mister Sinister’s research on genetic modification involves experimenting on Champions of the Battlerealm and is attempting to ‘enhance’ their abilities.

Sinister Labs Event – Daily Login Calendar, Short Quests, Sheer Unpredictability!

Expect the unexpected throughout this Sinister Labs Event! Mister Sinister’s genetic experimentation and sensory-enhanced mutant encounters will be unpredictable, we predict.

What are Sinister Labs?

Sinister Labs are short quests consisting of two paths. There are six fights per path, each one featuring a number of Randomized Buffs. Some of these Randomized Buffs may prove to be more potent on certain Champions; while other Buffs may prove to benefit you, the Summoner.

Knowing what you’re up against enables you to fight strategically, even though your strategy keeps changing.

That said, take note of this valuable update: Senses!

Totally new and only to be used in the Sinister Labs Event, Senses are mode specific Boosts that you can only activate from the Quest Map Screen.

The Six Senses – Boosts to Activate:

Sense: Tactile – When inflicted with any Shock, Coldsnap, Poison or Bleed effect, your Champion builds immunity to the effect over 9 seconds. This time is reduced to 3 seconds while playing as a Mutant.

Sense: Auditory – Incoming Special Attacks have a 20% chance to trigger an Evasion Passive, granting a 100% chance to Evade all incoming attacks for the duration of the Special Attack. The chance to trigger this Passive is increased to 50% while playing as a Mutant.

Sense: Olfactory – All attacks have a 20% chance to deal True Damage, ignoring all of the Opponent’s Armor. This chance increases to 50% while playing as a Mutant.

Sense: Visual – While playing as a Mutant, attacks cannot Miss.

Sense: Gustatory – When the Opponent is inflicted with a damaging Debuff, your Champion gains a Regeneration Buff, granting 5% of their missing health over 4 seconds.

Sense: Rage – When playing as a Mutant, while at or below 20% max health, gain a Fury Passive granting 300% increased Base Attack.

Reminder: Sinister Labs runs from August 7th to September 4th, 2019!
Please Note: In order to participate, you must update to the newest version of the game.

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