Summoner Showdown Qualifier Round One Results Are In!

Written by: Dragon

Dragon is a MCoC enthusiast, a freelance writer, and, of course, a dragon

The Qualifier – Round One Summary

569,992 fights complete. 3074 Summoners were victorious.  With a variety of different options to take on this qualifying challenge, Summoners spoke loud and clear with their rosters and massive display of skill! 

Within 48 hours, a single Champion dominated the leaderboard, and it swiftly became a race to see who could use her the most effectively and would join the ranks of the top players in the world on the Leaderboard.

Summoners on the Leaderboard clocked in within seconds of each other, and while this challenge was difficult, it was clearly not impossible!

As the week raged on, fight lengths shortened, hovering between the five and six minute mark, with constant shuffling on the Leaderboard as Summoners shaved off seconds with every attempt at the fight.  

In the end – three Summoners emerged victorious: 

  • HappyMcMuffins
  • Angerdanger
  • SøøFany

Smashing Silver Surfer – The Solutions

The initial debate of which Champions would be effective in this challenge narrowed down Champion options quickly based on the requirements of the fight.  Summoners had a myriad of puzzle pieces to slot together to find the best possible counter for it and then, ensure that that Champion was fully ranked! 

That meant players needed a Champion, and not to mention, a 4-star Champion, that met the following criteria: 

  • A Champion who could Armor Break.  
  • A Champion who was potentially Coldsnap immune.
  • A Champion who potentially had an element of Power Control.  
  • A Champion who could take advantage of the node that allowed them to gain power.
  • A Champion with high (very high) potential DPS (Damage Per Second).  

Within 48 hours, the collective community of Marvel Contest of Champions had found what seemed to be the best possible answer to this Challenge!  Medusa – the Queen of the Inhumans, was the answer to the fight, and who was able to meet the criteria of a Champion who could armor break, and had some of the highest potential DPS in that category.  

Once the Champion solution was found, and the resource scramble to rank them was done, the grind for those interested in competing for a qualifying spot began.  With leaderboards updating daily with base statistics including length of fights, the DPS, and any Champion health remaining (though that proved to be an unneeded metric for the community), Summoners knew precisely what to shoot for, and just how small the potential window into the Semi-Finals of the Summoner Showdown was.

With fight lengths on the Leaderboard differing by mere seconds in some cases – it was clear just how much mastery was required in order to earn a coveted place as a Semi-Finalist.

Well-known faces from the community made appearances on the Leaderboards over the course of the week, such as Brian Grant.  We also saw the return of mvinceable, and Lagacy – who made it to the finals of the 2019 Summoner Showdown at NYCC!   However, in the end it was HappyMcMuffins, Angerdanger, SøøFany who were victorious in this first Challenge of the 2020 Summoner Showdown!

Theorycrafting – A Community Artform

The Marvel Contest of Champions community thrives on challenges and figuring out ways to think around obstacles placed in front of us, and what the best possible solution is.  

The best part of any new challenge is the first twenty-four hours that are rife with speculation, consideration, and debate on the best way to approach any new challenge given to us.  Any Champion, any strategy, any synergy, idea, or suggestion, all of it is a possibility.  Counters of every kind are suggested and thrown out in the same moment as the community works together to solve the puzzle that has been placed in front of them.

Some of the initial names thrown out for this Challenge? Medusa, Captain Sparkles (Captain Marvel), Corvus Glaive, Sasquatch.  

How could this Champion be defeated, effectively?  How could the nodes be countered?  

Those are the questions the community at large spends the first day of any new challenge answering, and it is always the most exciting time to be a part of the community.  Once the answers are found, the Challenge comes down to skill and execution of that Champion’s abilities – but those first moments, where anything and everything is a possible answer.  

That exhilarating rush is always the best moment of any new challenge.  

Now that the first round of the Summoner Showdown Qualifiers are complete, and we have our first three Semi-Finalists, the community as a whole is eagerly anticipating the next round!

Stay tuned for a more in-depth look at the first round of Qualifiers, and for more updates on the Summoner Showdown!