Summoner Showdown Qualifier Round Three Results Are In!

The Winners Advancing to the Semi-Finals

Satsui No Hadou – Asia & Oceania
SwatU – Europe & Russia
AceFusion96 – Americas

Congratulations to our last three Semi-Finalists with stunning performances by all three winners!

The Final Qualifier: Iron Man Infinity War

Written by: Dragon

Dragon is a MCoC enthusiast, a freelance writer, and, of course, a dragon

The third and final round of Qualifiers for the 2020 Summoner Showdown are officially complete! Congratulations once again to the winners advancing to the Semi-Finals – AceFusion96, Satsui No Hado, SwatU

Now that the Qualifying Rounds are complete – and as the Semi-Finals loom on the horizon, let’s take a look back on not only the Iron Man Infinity War Qualifier, but some statistics on all three of the Qualifiers!  

As with the other two Qualifying rounds – one thing was instantly clear when players entered into the final Qualifier against Iron Man Infinity War!  A Champion who could play around Shock, or who was immune to Shock would be a necessity.  The top three Champions used for this Qualifying Challenge made that clear!  The initial excitement about being able to use Magneto after his Rework was substantial – he was made for this sort of fight. In addition to Magneto, it was of no surprise to most that one of the other Champions sneaking onto the Leaderboard was Electro.  However, as the week wore on, it became clear that while Magneto was an effective counter, he could not compare to the sheer DPS (Damage Per Second) of the one, the only, Ghost!  

Even though the most popular Champions to beat this challenge included Magneto and Silver Surfer, it was Ghost who dominated the Leaderboard, Ghost who brought our last three Semi-Finalists to victory, and Ghost who once again proved that she is a Marvel Contest of Champions All-Star!  

Much like the first Qualifier, where one Champion dominated the Leaderboards, this Challenge had a Champion meant for it.  However, much like the first Qualifier – it required truly masterful use of that Champion in order to reach victory!  In the Iron Man Infinity War Challenge, there were 122,971 early exits from the fight to restart the Challenge.  While Ghost was clearly the best option for the fight – a single misstep in her use required the fight to be restarted.  The most skilled Summoners, 1.09% of those who attempted the Challenge, were able to complete it!  

Snapshot Statistics of this Challenge: 

  • The number of times the Challenge was attempted by all Summoners? 124,332
  • The number of Summoners that attempted the Challenge? 29,392
  • The number of Summoners that completed the Challenge? 902
  • The number of times that the Challenge was completed by those 902 Summoners? 1,361
  • The total amount of damage done? 14,867,903,441
  • The total number of hours this Challenge was played? 2,040

A Tale of Two Approaches: Magnetism & Phasing 

With his Rework fresh in the minds of so many Summoners, Magneto was one of the one of the Champions that Summoners were most excited to bring into this Qualifying Challenge.  With Magneto’s natural Shock Resistance, giving him healing, and Iron Man Infinity War a Metal Champion, equating to a ton of Prowess buffs for Magneto – it was an enjoyable fight that Magneto seemed to be built for!  

Beyond the Shock Resistance, his ability to Armor Break with his Special 2 (and keep that Armor Break refreshed with Heavy attacks to work up to his Special 3), it would then be a rotation of Special 3’s and Armor Break refreshes with continued Heavy attacks.  

A final benefit of Magneto was that he countered the abilities Iron Man Infinity War gained once he was down to 15% health.  When down to that last 15%, Iron Man Infinity War not only stacks Armor and uses it to Auto-Block, he has a Passive Power Gain that can cause issues for even the most skilled Summoners.  

By refreshing Armor Breaks through gaining Prowess, Iron Man Infinity War would not be gaining power from his Passive Armor, and Magneto’s base abilities against Metal champs would prevent Auto-Block from triggering.  

While Magneto may have been made for this fight, and he was a true contender, he never stood a chance against the true DPS master.  There was no need for Shock Resistance when Ghost could, and would, turn any Shock on her into additional damage.  

With every Shock debuff carrying the potential of becoming a Fury buff, and the constant refresh of Cruelty buffs with use of a Special 2 – the damage Ghost could deliver on a single Special 2 could easily hit over 100k. While the fight appears easy on the surface, the skills and mastery of Ghost as a Champion was required to fully take advantage of these abilities.  

The fastest Completion Time was 208 seconds (3 minutes, 28 seconds), but the average time was 400 seconds (6 minutes, 40 seconds) showcasing not only a difficult fight, but a fight that required precise timing and control.  Iron Man Infinity War has very long specials – and in the Iron Man Infinity War Qualifier, every second counted, especially when using Ghost.  Pushing him to a Special 2 (the faster of his two Special Attacks), and trying to take advantage of how many Shocks Ghost had before Phasing was a must!  In order to succeed in using Ghost, Summoners not only had to manage the amount of hits they took while Phasing – they had to be consistently aware of managing their own health loss from the Shock Debuffs.  

To say that Mastery of both Ghost and Iron Man Infinity War was required for this fight is, perhaps, an understatement.  The extensive time and ability management of this fight stands as a testament to the expertise of the Summoners who were successful in winning the last round of the 2020 Summoner Showdown Qualifiers!

The Qualifiers In Review

Before diving into the next rounds of the 2020 Summoner Showdown and the new challenges that the Semi-Finalists will face, it’s time to take a quick look at some statistics from the entire Qualifier Rounds, as well the information you have all been waiting this entire post for!  

It is with true regret that I have to announce that no, this Qualifier did not have someone complete it with Groot.  However!  There were three Champions that were each used for a single completion.  Civil Warrior, Karnak, and Falcon were all single, successful attempts.  And, of course, if you attempted the Show-Up Iron Man Infinity War Challenge, you were one of the 20.42% of Summoners who successfully completed it!  

Now, one final statistics deep dive before the 2020 Summoner Showdown Semi-Finals! 

  • The Total Number of Unique Players that completed the Challenge Qualifiers: 5,969
  • The Total Number of Times all the Challenges were Completed: 8,113
  • The Total Number of Players that attempted the Challenges: 171,052 
  • The Total Number of Times the Challenges were Attempted: 1,002,227
  • The Total Amount of Damage Done: 108,648,844,670 
  • The Total Amount of Hours Playing the Qualifiers: 15,574 

The 2020 Summoner Showdown Qualifiers have been filled with ups, downs, truly masterful fights, and a good amount of RNG luck.  Now?  Nine remain.  Nine Semi-Finalists will soon become three Finalists – stay tuned for our in-depth coverage as those Nine Summoners strive to become the 2020 Summoner Showdown Champion!  

Congratulations again to all nine of our Semi-Finalists!!

Satsui No Hadou – Asia & Oceania
AceFusion96 – Americas
SwatU – Europe
Apdo – Asia & Oceania
Husky Nash – Americas
quatschpete – Europe & Russia
HappyMcMuffins – Americas
SooFany – Europe & Russia
Angerdanger – Asia & Oceania

Stay tuned for an in-depth look at how the Semi-Finals and Finals will work, and more updates on the 2020 Summoner Showdown!