Summoner Showdown Qualifier Round Two Results Are In!

The Winners Advancing to the Semi-Finals

Husky Nash – Americas
quatschpete – Europe & Russia
Apdo – Asia & Oceania

Congratulations on stunning performances by all three winners!

The Captain Sparkles Qualifier: A Snapshot

Written by: Dragon

Dragon is a MCoC enthusiast, a freelance writer, and, of course, a dragon

Two rounds of the Summoner Showdown 2020 Qualifiers are complete! Two Champions have been defeated and six Summoners have advanced to the Semi-Finals!  

With the third and final Qualifying Challenge now live for the Marvel Contest of Champions community – let’s take a moment to dive into some of the stats, strategies, and details from the Captain Sparkles (Captain Marvel) Qualifier! 

When the second the Challenge arrived it was clear that the best strategies, and the secret to Captain Marvel’s demise was her Bleed Vulnerability.  The necessity of Incinerate Immunity was not a requirement if a Champion could be used to keep her bleeding.  As a result, it is of no surprise to hear that the top three Champions used to defeat her were Gwenpool, Nick Fury, and Blade – all Champions that can consistently and constantly bleed their opponents.  

While this Qualifying Challenge had a clear strategy, it was no less difficult than the Silver Surfer Challenge!  For the Captain Marvel Challenge there were more than 305,265 early exits to restart the challenge – and only the most skilled Summoners, 0.87% of them, were able to overcome the challenge and succeed!  

Snapshot Statistics of this Challenge: 

  • The number of times the Challenge was attempted by all Summoners? 307,953
  • The number of Summoners that attempted the Challenge? 48,839
  • The number of Summoners that completed the Challenge? 1,993
  • The number of times that the Challenge was completed by those 1,993 Summoners? 2,688
  • The total amount of damage done? 43,478,304,604
  • The total number of hours this Challenge was played? 3,997

Variety is the Spice of Life 

The Captain Marvel Qualifying Challenge had a clear strategic solution – but unlike the Silver Surfer Challenge, there was not a clear Champion solution.  It would come down to a handful of factors – Bleed RNG (the chance of a bleed to trigger), Bleed potency, and the ability to keep Captain Sparkles constantly bleeding, or the ability to reverse her regeneration. 

As the first few days passed – three Champions would consistently trade places on the Leaderboard.  Gwenpool, Nick Fury, and Human Torch.  

Each Champion had their distinct strategies, but only two Champions emerged victorious in different regions!

Human Torch, while not able to Bleed his opponents, is Incinerate Immune, and an excellent counter to the nodes on Captain Sparkles.  The name of his game?  Regeneration reversal!  With the proper Mastery set-up (Despair and Resonate required), to win with Human Torch necessitated putting on, and keeping on, as many Incinerates as possible to reverse the Regeneration from the Energy Adoption node.  By keeping up his Temperature to lengthen the Incinerate debuffs, gaining all the smoulders possible, and peppering in as many heavies as possible, Human Torch was the fastest to complete this Qualifier. However, he was not the only Champion at the top! 

Gwenpool was the next popular option – with her ability to Armor Break, Ennervate (prevent the opponent from gaining power when they are hit), and Bleed on her basic attacks, she was dependent on Bleed RNG throughout a fight.  In a perfect fight, something required for the Summoner Showdown 2020 Qualifying Challenge – with constant Bleeds – she was nigh unstoppable.  

Last, but never least (unless he wanted to make a dramatic entrance), was Nick Fury – a riskier fight to run, even if he didn’t make the top of the leaderboard.  Once Fury had shed his Life Model Decoy, he had a Fury buff – increasing his Attack Damage (and Bleed Potency) by exponential amounts.  Coupled with his ability to cause additional Bleed damage through Internal Bleeds – the speed he could complete the Captain Marvel Challenge was close to the 2 minute mark. 

With the average fight time running at 191 seconds (3 minutes, 11 seconds), and the fastest fight time 120 seconds (2 minutes flat), every Summoner who completed this challenge fought hard, faster, and, well.  Furious. 

A Look Back Before Looking Ahead 

As we barrel into the last remaining Qualifier for the Summoner Showdown 2020 – here are a few more fun tidbits from the Captain Marvel Challenge!  

In an on-going quest to prove their excellence (or maybe the strength of their thumbs), a single Summoner completed the Captain Marvel Challenge with Groot, another Summoner with the original Iron Man, and Spider-Man (Miles Morales).  To these dedicated individuals?  I salute your iron will (and thumbs)!  

There is one Qualifying round of the Summoner Showdown 2020 remaining, and truly, only one thing remains certain.  

A brave, dedicated Summoner out there, will try to use Groot to complete it.  

Stay tuned for more – and Good Luck to all in the third and final round of the Summoner Showdown 2020 Qualifiers!

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