Summoner Showdown – The Finals


This summer, we partnered with Marvel to bring you the first ever Summoner Showdown! Over 9 weeks, 27 Summoners competed for their chance to take the stage at New York Comic Con and be crowned the winner of the 2019 Marvel Contest of Champions Summoner Showdown!

Challenge #1!

The Top 9 were matched against the power-gain Champion, Hyperion! From here, only 6 will move on to the final challenge to compete for the Crown!

Lagacy: Sacrificing the class disadvantage for the power control, Lagacy chose to use Doctor Octopus! This was was a nail biter, as Lagacy started the match by taking a Special 3 Attack from Hyperion, but fought back with his own soon after. Locking Hyperion in the corner, and employing a perfect intercept game, Lagacy took Hyperion down with 5 seconds left on the clock!

DTMelodicMetal: Another down to the wire match, but this time, because of health! Using Magik to cycle Special 2 Attacks and keep Hyperion in a constant state of locked down power, DTMelodicMetal finished the fight with only 1% health left!

Ms.insomnia: This Contender does not believe in chairs! Ms.Insomnia came out swinging with Magik, but missed on a Special 2 Attack, allowing Hyperion to strike back with a Special 3 Attack, taking her out.

PandamanPete: Using Symbiote Supreme, PandamanPete went in hoping to nullify Hyperion’s power gains. He survived a Special 3 Attack from Hyperion very early, thanks to his Armor Up buff. Unfortunately, luck was not on his side, and Symbiote Supreme did not Nulliffy Hyperion’s Power Gain buffs, and he was eventually overwhelmed.

mvinceable: The illusive mvinceable was the Summoner that taught his fellow contestants how to use Doctor Strange in his qualifiers, but also chose to use Magik today. He was the first contended not to succumb to a Special 3 attack from Hyperion, and took him down with plenty of time to spare!

Yeet: Showing a mastery over Magik’s playstyle, Yeet baited out every special attack with grace, and didn’t take very much damage at all! Magik made quick work of Hyperion, and never let his Power Gain become an issue.

RoastedBagel: Well, somebody didn’t eat their bagel this morning… RoastedBagel also used Magik, and took a Special 3 attack early in the game. He survived, but later was hit by a Special 1 attack, and was knocked out.

ChunkyB: The winner of the first week’s Summoner Showdown qualifiers chose to use Magik as well! Early in the match, Magik took a Special 1 Attack from Hyperion, and was melted down to 28% health by the Incinerate damage. He was making a comeback, but missed on a Special 2 attack, and was punished for it with a swift attack by Hyperion, knocking Magik out.

BigBlue807: We’re sensing a pattern here. BigBlue807’s Magik locked Hyperion in the corner, but this time, he didn’t stay in the Corner. Hyperion threw a Heavy Attack at Magik, catching BigBlue807 off guard, and taking him out of the competition.

The Finalists

The 3 Semifinalists that took Hyperion out in the least amount of time possible were… DTMelodicMetal, Yeet, and mvinceable!

These three were ready to move on to the Finals, were they were met with one of the most brutal challenges in the Battlerealm! They were having Uncollected flashbacks as they learned that their final Challenge would be the one and only, Collector!

First up, it’s Yeet! No Magik this time, Yeet brought along Thing! He started building Rock stacks up quickly, and successfully pushed the Collecter to his Special 2 attack a couple times, taking the block damage instead of risking trying to Dex the attack. He fought back with his own Special 2 attack, and was ultimately knocked out by the Collector’s Special 1 attack.

Next, it’s time for DTMelodicMetal! For this challenge, you want a Champion that can do a lot of damage, or keep The Collector’s power under control. Doctor Voodoo can do both, and that’s who DTMelodicMetal chose to use. DTMelodicMetal utilized both Doctor Voodoo’s Power Burn, and his Spirit Venom to both keep the Collector locked down, and dealing damage. In the end, The Collector reached his Special 1 Attack, and knocked Doctor Voodoo out!

Last, but not least, it’s mvinceable! The final Summoner in the showdown, mvinceable also chose to use Doctor Voodoo. Using his power burn, Doctor Voodoo locked The Collector into the corner and kept his power suppressed! But the choice to not inflict Spirit Venom means that he just wasn’t doing the damage that he needed to edge out the competition. 

In the end, nobody was able to survive their fight with the Collector, so it came down to which of our finalists was able to deal the most damage to the Elder of the Universe. While all three of our finalists fought valiantly, DTMelodicMetal’s use of Power Burn and Damage over Time was the key to winning the first ever Summoner Showdown trophy!

Congratulations to DTMelodicMetal, and to all of our Finalists, Semi-Finalists, and our contenders over the entire summer!