Summoner Showdown Week Eight Recap

If you missed today’s Livestream at Marvel Studios, we’ve got the Summoner Showdown Week Eight Recap for you.

Summoner Showdown Week Eight Challenge: War Machine’s Durability Test 

After seven gruelling weeks of competition, week eight served up some great live action from the studios in New York! The challengers will face War Machine’s Durability Test. It is a three-minute survival challenge. The winner is decided by the longest survival time with the tiebreaker being your Champion’s HP% . Battling a Champion with +900% health, +90% armor and a Limber Buff will keep all of these challengers on their toes.

This week’s winner was Yeet! Congratulations!

Summoner Showdown –  Week Eight Recap: The Master of the Mystical Arts, Doctor Strange was enlisted by all 3 Summoners today!

Player 1: BRutalDLX

Champion: Doctor Strange

Gameplay Recap: The original Legend played a great game of evasion with Doctor Strange, and danced his way to Hoggoth’s Wisdom. While trying to stay away, he took a few combos, but still managed to get off a couple Special 3 and Special 2 Attacks during Doctor Strange’s Hoggoth’s Wisdom Cycle to finish the fight at 64% health left.

Player 2: Yeet

Champion: Doctor Strange

Gameplay Recap:  This week’s winner also used Doctor Strange to great success! Yeet used dash tactics and evasions to great effect and only took a few direct hits from War Machine. It got a little scary when he failed to dex the final hit of War Machine’s Special 1 Attack and was hit by a Bleed. His mastery of Hoggoth’s Wisdom helped him finish the fight with 100 % health.

Player 3:  TurboTim

Champion: Dr. Strange

Gameplay Recap:  Much to Dave and Agent M’s chagrin, Turbo Tim also used Doctor Strange –  and not Diablo. He capitalized on his strong armor buff and blocked all of War Machine’s Special 1 Attacks. He regenerated plenty of health but it wasn’t quite enough in the end.

Eight Weeks. Eight Winners. One Seat Left!

Congratulations, Yeet. See you at New York Comic Con in October!
Watch as the last spot gets filled, next week on the Livestream!
Note: Next week’s Summoner Showdown starts one hour earlier. 
You can catch it Wednesday, Sept. 25th @ 12 PM PDT