Summoner Showdown Week Five Preview

Summoner Showdown Week Five Preview

Summoner Showdown – Week Five Preview: it’s about to go down at Marvel Studios Headquarters in New York. It’s Wednesday, August 28th. Get ready to cheer for your favorite challenger and Champion!

Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown – Week Five Preview

Your Summoner Showdown Week Five Preview for the 1 PM PDT livestream event (at: starts with a brief introduction to your host, ArbitrariumLol, who you may recognize from Week Four. We’ve also got three new players, Dragonfei, Pandaman Pete, and Royal.Marshall, who have at least one (very BIG) thing in common: they love a good (exhausting, unconventional, magnificent) challenge!

Week Five Host and Player Bios

Host Bio: ArbitrariumLol
A native of Iowa and a Marvel Contest of Champions player with over three years of experience to her credit, ArbitrariumLol is back in New York City to host the Summoner Showdown in the Marvel Studios Lounge.


Atlantic, IA

Favorite Champion:
“I’m pretty sure everyone knows that I’m a big Spider Gwen fan.”

Dragonfei: “I think some of the best people in the community are a part of this competition and I am excited to be a part of this tournament with them.”

Player Bio: Dragonfei
Dragonfei is definitely up for the challenge. A huge fan of the 5-Star Featured Arena grind for new Champions is an “exhausting, but ultimately fulfilling 72-hour sprint…and your opponents are some of the best players in the game!”


Merrimack, NH

Year Dragonfei Joined The Contest:
“Christmas Day. The year it came out.”

Top 3 Champions:
Captain Marvel (“Captain Sparkles – Movie Captain Marvel”)
Captain America (Infinity War) (“Beardo”)

Style of Play:
“Defensively — forcing my opponent to do what I want, when I want.”

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
“I think some of the best people in the community are a part of this competition and I am excited to be a part of this tournament with them.”

PandamanPete: “My favorite Quest to date is Labyrinth of Legends.”

Player Bio: PandamanPete
At 22 years old, PandamanPete has been playing Marvel Contest of Champions for over four years and he says he’s excited to put his skills to the test against the other competitors. “I play the game at a very competitive level and am determined to do my best to win.”


Seattle, WA

Year PandamanPete Joined The Contest:

Top 3 Champions:

Style of Play:
“I play very offensively and aggressively. I typically prefer to attack more than defend, opting to take risks in favor of doing more damage.”

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
“I like challenges that make me think. Puzzles with unconventional solutions are my favorite… and whenever there’s some sort of problem that makes me take a step back and plan for it, I know I’m in for a good time.”

Royal.Marshall: “I’m always in the game.”

Player Bio: Royal.Marshall
A huge “video game nerd who loves all types of games,” Royal.Marshall credits The Contest for improving his social skills. The “idea of being able to use so many of Marvel’s iconic heroes and villains in the palm of my hand” was something he enjoyed right away. A world where he felt comfortable talking with other players, “…about who would beat up whom.” “Such a simple yet relatable situation.”


Bronx, NY

Year Royal.Marshall Joined The Contest:

Top 3 Champions:
Iron Fist

Style of Play:
“I enjoy every character, so it’s hard to pin down any one specific style of play. I look at the game as a strategy fighter; looking at what’s required to pass certain obstacles, while also keeping the characters I use diverse.”

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
The Contest’s amazing community and because he’s always like more direct competitive games, “…the chance to be able to compete with other people head to head is a win enough in my book. If I do win, I’ll take the opportunity to thank Kabam for creating such an amazing world for us to explore.”

Weekly Winners:

Week One: chunkyb
Week Two: BigBlue807
Week Three: DTMelodicMetal
Week Four: RoastedBagel

Watch the livestream! Wednesday, Aug. 28 @ 1 PM PDT at: