Summoner Showdown Week Five Recap

Summoner Showdown – Week Five Recap

Week Five was definitely a skills showdown. Competing for the fastest time in Deadpool’s “Fun” House challenge, one player, in particular, made it look so… insane. 

Week Five Recap – Skills Showdown

That was intense!  Summoner Showdown – Week Five featured three competitors who basically took Deadpool’s “Fun” House challenge to heart and fought fast and furiously in this three-minute speed challenge. Because Deadpool has accelerated regeneration abilities and can clear all buffs and debuffs on a timer, speed is definitely a factor in taking him down quickest for the win.

PandamanPete is off to New York Comic Con!

Player 1: PandamanPete – Winner
Champion: Human Torch
Gameplay: True to his word, PandamanPete was fast, aggressive and played his offence focused game from start to finish. It was over in thirty-six seconds. At one point it looked like he was going to be taken out by Deadpool, but he came back with an impressive K.O. that stunned everyone in the Marvel Lounge. “Flame on!”

Player 2: Dragonfei
Champion: Thor
Gameplay: A popular player, and a NYCC competition veteran, Dragonfei was on-stage last year. Hoping to ‘represent’ for the lady players she chose Thor as her champion.  She landed an impressive eighty-one hits and some slick defensive capabilities before an unfortunately timed power drain saw her KO’d by Deadpool at 1:12.

Player 3: Royal.Marshall
Champion: Human Torch
Gameplay: Royal.Marshall was on fire. With Human Torch (aka hot-headed Johnny Storm) he generated powerful blasts of flame, connecting with thirty-four successful hits and receiving only four. It took Royal.Marshall 1:31 to win by KO vs Deadpool. Unfortunately, his time was not nearly fast enough to beat PandamanPete’s red hot time.

Summoner Showdown – Week Six – September 4th, 1 PM PDT
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