Summoner Showdown Week Nice Recap

Summoner Showdown -Week Nine – Recap

If you missed today’s livestream at Marvel Studios, we’ve got the Summoner Showdown Week Nine Recap for you.

Summoner Showdown Week Nine Challenge:

The final competition, week nine filled that last, sought after spot – and the chance to stand on the stage at NYCC. Challengers were invited to Maestro’s Mayhem! They needed to win “old school” utilizing one of the Champions from a throwback pool, available during Maestro’s debut in the game (2014 – 2015). The winner was decided by the fastest K.O. time.

Congratulations to Lagacy, who took the week nine title and the last ticket to New York Comic Con!”.

Week Nine Player Highlights

Player 1: Atromix
Champion: Spider-Gwen

Gameplay Recap:

Atromix didn’t bring his Namor ears but did bring the aggressive fight to his game. Choosing Spider-Gwen for the match for her ability to automatically evade Maestro’s specials, and lockdown his power meter. He recorded an impressive 59 hits before taking down the Maestro in a K.O. at 1:13. He didn’t take a single direct hit from the Maestro. Impressive, but it wasn’t enough to take the win today.

Player 2: Lagacy
Champion: Spider-Gwen

Gameplay Recap:

Lagacy also went with Spider-Gwen. He chose to use her Special 2 first, forgoing her Enervate until late in the game. He pulled off a massive 64 hits to the Maestro, before landing the K.O. It was a close fight but Lagacy beat Atromix’a time by a mere 4 seconds to clinch the victory.

Player 3: Craftygrinding
Champion: Spider-Gwen

Gameplay Recap:

1:09 was the time to beat! Craftygrinding came out aggressive, and his early game was looking very strong with 25 hits to the Maestro. Unfortunately, a slip-up and accidental block later in the fight caused Spider-Gwen to take some hefty degeneration damage and resulted in a KO.

Nine Weeks. Nine Winners. All New York Comic Con Bound!

Congratulations, Lagacy!

Nine weeks played, nine winners announced.
These Summoners will face off on stage at New York Comic Con at the
2019 Marvel Contest of Champions Summoner Showdown Finals October 4th, 2019 at 11:45 am ET. Come see it live! If you can’t make it to NYCC, you watch the finals at

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