MCoC Summoner Showdown Week 1 Recap

Summoner Showdown – Week One Recap

The first player to punch their ticket to Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown at New York Comic Con is chunkyb.

Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown | Week One Recap

A fan favorite of Captain America (Infinity War), chunkyb entered “Deadpool’s ‘Fun’ House” with Iron Man (Infinity War) and defeated Deadpool in 43 seconds, a KO fight that was fast, furious and fun to watch.

Week One Challenge – Deadpool’s “Fun” House Challenge Explained:

  • Players 1-3 (and their respective Champions) each take turns competing in a 3-minute speed challenge vs. Deadpool
  • Deadpool has accelerated regeneration abilities and is able to clear all buffs and debuffs on a timer
  • Players must overcome the Aspect of Chaos buff which will swap the HP% values of both fighters at intervals
  • The player with the fastest KO time win vs. Deadpool advances to play @ New York Comic Con in October

Prior to the challenge, each player had a warm-up round with a Champion of their choice with which to play. Players are given the option to go with a different Champion to start the actual challenge.

Summoner Showdown – Week One Recap and Challenge Results

The Showdown continues with Deadpool’s “Fun” House challenge. Here’s how that played out for all three players:

Player 1: chunkyb – WINNER

Champion Choice: Iron Man (Infinity War)
Results: KO’d Deadpool in 43 seconds
Recap: The only challenger to bring in a Champion other than Nick Fury! chunkyb put Iron Man (Infinity War)’s armor ups to work, helping him take some extra hits to bring his Health down, before applying Heal Blocks with his Special 1 Attack to keep the Aspect of Chaos and Deadpool’s Regeneration from healing him back up. This ultimately led chunkyb to a fast defeat time that was good enough to seal the win.

Check out chunkyb’s winning round here: 

Player 2: Duckslug
Champion Choice: Nick Fury
Results: KO’d by Deadpool in 1:03
Recap: Duckslug brought in Nick Fury and almost immediately let Deadpool knock out the Life Model Decoy and bring in a furious Nick Fury. Unfortunately, even with some excellent footwork and gameplay, Deadpool knocked out Duckslug a minute into their bout. It was at that time when their Health switched on… and that could have affected the KO.

Player 3: StarFighter0717
Champion Choice: Nick Fury
Results: KO’d by Deadpool in 2:41
StarFighter0717 chose Doctor Voodoo for the one-minute warm-up, then switched for the challenge and pulled out Nick Fury as her Champion for the main event! Battling hard she landed 149 hits, a massive number in a tough round (…the highest combo was 126). Her Champion was ultimately taken down by Deadpool in the final 20 seconds.

With Week One in the books, Summoner Showdown – Week Two happens next Wednesday, August 7 at Marvel’s HQ studio in New York.

There are eight more spots up for grabs! Catch the livestream here: @ 1 PM PT as three new Summoners battle for the next spot in the Summoner Showdown Final at New York Comic Con!

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