Summoner Showdown – Week Seven Recap

If you missed today’s livestream at Marvel Studios, we’ve got the Summoner Showdown Week Seven Recap for you.

Summoner Showdown Week Seven Challenge: Deadpool’s “Fun” House

After six amazing weeks of competition, week seven did not disappoint! Challengers were invited to play in Deadpool’s “Fun” House – a 3-minute challenge where the winner is decided by the fastest K.O. time! They faced Deadpool’s accelerated regeneration capabilities, ability to clear all buffs and debuffs on a timer, and that tricky Aspect of Chaos buff!

Player 1: Ex Machina
Champion: Red Skull

Gameplay Recap:

Starting out really strong, Ex Machina was the first contestant to takedown Deadpool in the warmup round! Deadpool didn’t take kindly to that and came back strong in the official fight.
Ex Machina used Red Skull again, and started strong, but couldn’t bait Deadpool into attacking, in order to pull off his parry. Without the heal block from Red Skull’s heavy, Deadpool overcame our summoner, and KO’d him.

Player 2: Ms.Insomnia
Champion: Iron Man (Infinity War)

Gameplay Recap:

The self-proclaimed button masher, Ms.Insomnia emerged victorious today! She played the strategy well. Bringing herself to a low health threshold and getting saved by Iron Man’s Auto-Block, she was able to land the critical heal block on Deadpool, and knock him out in 32 seconds – a new record!

Player 3: Stat Bot
Champion: Iron Man (Infinity War)

Gameplay Recap:

Another Iron Man (Infinity War) user, Stat Bot played the game carefully and methodically. He pulled off all the right moves and took out Deadpool before the timer was up, but wasn’t able to do it as fast as our winner.

Seven Weeks. Seven Winners. Two Seats Left!

Congratulations, MsInsomnia! The Jersey-Girl from Florida joins six other Summoner Showdown winners on the Marvel Stage at New York
Comic Con.

Seven weeks played, seven winners announced, and only two slots left!
Watch the weekly livestream Wednesday, Sept. 18th and 25th @ 1 PM PDT at:

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