Summon Showdown Week 7

Summoner Showdown – Week Seven Preview

Three weeks remain and we’ve already got six Summoner Showdown competitors eager to play on the Marvel Stage at New York Comic Con.

Summoner Showdown – Week Seven Player Bios

Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown Week Seven starts at 1 PM PDT, Wednesday, September 11th in the Marvel Studios Lounge with Dragon, who is happy to be back — as a host! The UMCOC Podcast Hostess Extraordinaire and Week Five player is providing the livestream gameplay commentary for Week Seven’s players: Ex Machina, Ms. Insomnia and Stat Bot.  

Let’s meet the three new competitors who will be vying for the fastest takedown finish in Deadpool’s “Fun” House, a three-minute speed challenge.  

Player Bio: Ex Machina
“I play on my iPad, so wherever I can get wifi service I like to play Contest.”

South San Francisco, CA

Year Joined The Contest:
February 2016

Top 3 Champions:

Style of Play:
I play for fun but like to be competitive. I don’t like being very aggressive unless it’s necessary, so I let the AI get aggressive then counter what they do.”

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
“There is a good social aspect to Marvel and I have been blessed to have played with some amazing people since I started the game.” “Meeting people that I would have never met if it wasn’t for The Contest.”

Player Bio: Ms. Insomnia
“I play strictly for fun even though it feels like a full-time job…”
Ms. Insomnia says. “I don’t read nodes, I run through quests with whatever Champions I feel like using that day, I take my top Champions to harder quests, or I just listen to the advice of others.”

Jersey Girl living in South Florida.”

Year Joined The Contest:

Top 3 Champions:
Doctor Voodoo

Style of Play:
“Once I enter a fight, I button smash — hoping the fight will end quicker than I die. When I do, I revive and go back in.”

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
The social component is clearly what keeps me active and involved. I thrive on helping alliances and individual members of the community.”

Player Bio: Stat Bot
Representing Vancouver and Canada (no pressure!), Stat Bot gives props to all 27 Summoner Showdown competitors who he says are “…a fantastic group of players…and a great representation of ambassadors to the game.” 

Vancouver, BC

Year Joined The Contest:
January 2015

Top 3 Champions:

Style of Play:
“I play for fun.”

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
MCoC has a large ecosystem of players who chat on various forums…it’s enjoyable to share experiences with others from all over the world.”
“I also enjoy the monthly quests since you are always greeted with new heroes to face. It’s another ‘unprepared’ fight…you don’t really have a way to practice before you face them at the end of the quest. ” 

Summoner Showdown – Weekly Winners:

Week One: chunkyb
Week Two: BigBlue807
Week Three: DTMelodicMetal
Week Five: PandamanPete
Week Four: RoastedBagel
Week Five: PandamanPete
Week Six: mvinceable

Don’t forget to watch the livestream today Wednesday, Sept. 11 @ 1 PM PDT at: