Summoner Showdown – Week Six Preview

Summoner Showdown Week Six starts today, Wednesday, September 4th at 1 PM PDT in the Marvel Studios Lounge!

Your host, Dorky Diggedy Dave, is no doubt chatting up this new trio of challengers: mutamatt, mvinceable and OldManCanned.

Summoner Showdown – Week Six Player Bios

Take a look at their brief bios below. Who do you think will be the winner of Summoner Showdown – Week Six? The winner gets a ticket to New York Comic Con and a seat to play on the Marvel Stage.

mutamatt plays The Contest on his lunch breaks at work and late at night.

Player Bio: mutamatt
“I’m so excited to meet some of the other voices in the community,” mutamatt said. “There are some VERY skilled players out there and I want to see those skills showcased.”


Tulsa, OK

Year mutamatt Joined The Contest:

Top 3 Champions:
Corvus Glaive

Style of Play:
“Somewhat competitive, but there are some great players out there who I’ll never be able to compete with…”

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
“Being able to play as the movie characters is what first brought me to the game,” mutamatt said. “The strategy is rich, the gameplay is smooth and the artwork is very detailed, but what keeps me playing so long is the community. There’s a camaraderie that develops when you team up for a goal and achieve it.”

mvinceable would spend his weekly allowance on Marvel Comics. That’s dedication.

Player Bio: mvinceable
mvinceable was born in the Philippines and moved with his family to the United States at a very young age. Growing up, he remembers spending his weekly allowance on comic books. He also collected Marvel character trading cards, “…which I thought were the coolest.”


Milpitas, CA

Year mvinceable Joined The Contest:

Top 3 Champions:
Doctor Voodoo

Style of Play:
“Efficient and precise.”

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
“What I like most about The Contest is the progression aspect of the game…that could be your roster, skill level, or mastery of a Champion… there are so many areas of the game that — with practice, study and attention — you can improve and progress. It’s a reflection of life!”

OldManCanned is wearing a killer (good luck?) Hulk shirt.

Player Bio: OldManCanned
An “Englishman” who enjoys playing video games for fun, OldManCanned typically plays The Contest for about an hour a day.

Bakersfield, CA

Year OldManCanned Joined The Contest:

Top 3 Champions:
Corvus Glaive

Style of Play:
“All-out attack… which normally means eating a Special 3 Attack.”

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
It’s a fun game and he particularly enjoys challenges like the Boss Run.

Summoner Showdown – Weekly Winners:

Week One: chunkyb
Week Two: BigBlue807
Week Three: DTMelodicMetal
Week Four: RoastedBagel
Week Five: PandamanPete

Don’t forget to watch the livestream today! Wednesday, Sept. 4 @ 1 PM PDT at: