Summoner Showdown Week Six Recap

Summoner Showdown – Week Six Recap

If you missed today’s livestream at Marvel Studios, we’ve got the Summoner Showdown Week Six Recap for you. It was magical.

Summoner Showdown Week Six Challenge: War Machine’s Durability Test

Three players faced War Machine’s Durability Test and one player did indeed emerge victoriously. mvinceable turned this challenge into a magic show with Doctor Strange, Master of the Mystic Arts.

Summoner Showdown – Week Six Recap: Did Someone Call for a Doctor?   

Player 1:

Gameplay Recap:

Carrying on the tradition of the first War Machine Challenge, OldManCanned brought in Wolverine! Taking an impressive risk early on in the match, he sacrificed his power to drive War Machine to his Special 2 Attack. He also took a direct Special 1 Attack from War Machine, but was still in the game until War Machine finished the fight with a Heavy Attack.

Player 2:
mvinceable – winner
Doctor Strange

Gameplay Recap:

Breaking with tradition, mvinceable chose to enter War Machine’s Durability Test with Doctor Strange, the Master of the Mystic Arts. Proving that with “practice, study and mastery of a Champion” make for some pretty mystical moves, mvinceable evoked Vishanti’s Three Blessings and the power of Hoggoth’s Wisdom to show us how Doctor Strange could end a fight with his Health at 100%  — emerging victoriously!

Player 3:

Gameplay Recap:

How do you top 100% Health? mutamatt knew he had to play aggressively and end the fight at 100% Health. Wolverine started the match strongly and came out swinging. But he took the brunt of War Machine’s Special 3 Attack and with only a sliver of Health remaining, and one regen keeping him alive, his instincts quickly took over as he launched Wolverine’s Special Attack 3 and lost the power needed for his regen to sustain his Health.

Six Weeks. Six Winners. Three Seats Left!

Congratulations, mvinceable! The California comic book collector joins five other Summoner Showdown winners on the Marvel Stage at New York Comic Con.

Six weeks played and six winners announced… means there are only three weeks and three slots left! Watch the weekly livestream Wednesday Sept. 11th, 18th and 25th @ 1 PM PDT at:

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