Summoner Showdown Week Three Gameplay Update

Summoner Showdown Week Three – Gameplay Update

If you missed the August 14th livestream event held at Marvel Studios headquarters in New York, Summoner Showdown – Week Three gave us three minutes of three different styles of play using Wolverine in a fight to the finish vs War Machine.

Summoner Showdown – Week Three Gameplay Update: DTMelodicMetal Proves Defense Wins

Props to CaptainBayeee, AtreiuMontoya and DTMelodicMetal for their skill, gameplay and ability to compete under pressure.

Read the Week Three Recap — with gameplay notes on all three players.

Summoner Showdown Week Three: A Wolverine Showdown in Three Parts

Taking calm to a new level, it was DTMelodicMetal‘s style of play and defensive strategy that worked incredibly well vs the strategies used by CaptainBayeee and AtreiuMontoya in their challenge to beat War Machine.

Watch as CaptainBayeee, AtreiuMontoya and Week Three’s winner, DTMelodicMetal, compete for a chance to play in the final week of the Summoner Showdown:

Summoner Showdown Week Three – Gameplay Video

There are still SIX spots left leading up to the Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown Final at NYCC! Tune in next Wednesday, Aug. 21st to meet your next three challengers!

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