Summoner Showdown Week Three Gameplay Update

Summoner Showdown – Week Three Recap

Summoner Showdown – Week Three turned into a Wolverine showdown, with all three challengers choosing the popular Mutant Champion vs. War Machine. In the end, DTMelodicMetal used an evasive and defensive strategy that worked like magic.

Summoner Showdown: Week Three Players Recap

CaptainBayee was up first. During the warm-up round, he learned that you need to ignore your instincts and avoid trying to Dex War Machine’s Special 1 Attack. During the match, he relied on Wolverine’s Regeneration and kept his Health Percentage (HP) nearly full for the duration of the fight.

Even though he survived the match with 75.31% HP, it wasn’t enough to clinch the victory.

Also using Wolverine, AtreiuMontoya played much more aggressively than our other two challengers, but War Machine’s Limber, paired with some early Parry Stuns, tripped him up later. Wolverine got caught by War Machine’s Special 1 Attack, and was KO’d!

Week Three Winner: DTMelodicMetal

To get the most of Wolverine’s Regeneration ability, you need to build your Power meter up considerably. That means you’ll need to hit your Opponent. DTMelodicMetal played this match differently than his (Summoner Showdown) opponents. He danced around War Machine’s attacks and didn’t land a blow until the midpoint of the fight! In the end, his evasive and defensive play style won him a spot at the Summoner Showdown Finals at New York Comic Con!

More coverage to come, Aug. 15th with a Summoner Showdown – Week Three Gameplay Update!

Three down, six to go. Summoner Showdown – Week Four plays out Wednesday, Aug. 21 @ 1 PM PDT. 

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