Summoner Showdown Week Two Gameplay Update

Summoner Showdown Week Two – Gameplay Update

It seemed like only yesterday, right? Summoner Showdown – Week Two featured three fiercely competitive Marvel: Contest of Champions players, focused and ready to fight.

It was nothing but Mayhem right down to the nail-biting hard-fought finale — powered by BigBlue807 (and Hawkeye).

Summoner Showdown – Week Two Winning Gameplay and Players’ Update


Week Two Winner: BigBlue807
Champion Choice: Hawkeye
Recap: Hawkeye may not have been the most obvious choice to challenge the Maestro, but BigBlue807 put him to work early with back to back Parries (without capitalizing on his Combos), giving up some of that Stun Duration to Limber. After taking a full Combo and some considerable Block Damage, BigBlue807 hung on to fight with Hawkeye — with just 3% Health! It was a nail-biting, edge-of-your-seat finale that effectively took Maestro’s Health down to 26% and swiftly moved BigBlue807 up to take the big win.

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Player: C/\DE
Champion Choice: Magik
Recap: C/\DE started off strong with Magik, a Champion Power Draining member of the New Mutants. Making effective use of her Special 2 Power Drain and Power Lock, Magik denied Maestro his Special Attacks, eliminating the threat of his Unblockable Special Attacks. Unfortunately, Magik’s Limbo ability didn’t save her after taking a devastating Combo, followed by one final punch that knocked Magik out — bringing Maestro’s HP to 30%.


Player: Frojo34
Champion Choice: Hulk
Recap: Frojo34’s Champion, Hulk, came out looking for maximum damage against the Maestro, an alternate universe version of himself. Unfortunately, Maestro’s powerful Limber Buff made Hulk’s Special 1 Attack stun less and less effective. Eventually, Hulk fell prey to Maestro’s Unblockable Special 1 Attack and was knocked out by the Degeneration it caused.

There are still SEVEN spots left leading up to the Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown Final at NYCC!

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