Summoner Showdown Week Two Preview

Summoner Showdown – Week Two Preview

Greetings Summoners! Your Summoner Showdown: Week Two Preview includes three new players, a new three-minute speed challenge… and a “Dorky” new host.

Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown – Week Two Preview

Before we fill you in on the players for Summoner Showdown – Week Two, let’s see what our host, Dorky Diggedy Dave, has to say for himself.

Week Two Host and Player Bios

Host Bio: Dorky Diggedy Dave
A YouTube content creator with “visual flair,” Dorky Diggedy Dave has only good things to say about the players in this competition. “They’re great players, knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly — good people!”


Miami, FL

Year Dorky Diggedy Dave Joined The Contest:
November 2014

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
“The graphics are sharp, the gameplay is frantic and exciting, there’s ALWAYS something to do in the game.”

Top 3 Champions:

Style of Play:
“Experimental, methodical and strategic… with a dash of carelessness.”

Player Bio: C/\DE
International superstardom awaits C/\DE.

Atlanta, GA


Year C/\DE Joined The Contest:

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
“I work for myself & love streaming for/hanging with the Contest of Champions community! In my opinion it is far and away the best thing the game has added to my life! A community of people who truly care about one another.”

Top 3 Champions:
Omega Red
Corvus Glaive

Style of Play:
“Swipes and taps … mostly. I like to play it safe and give myself the best chance at success in game modes where giving up deaths matters. I’m a planner.”

Player Bio: Frojo34
Frojo34 really wants to be the winner of Summoner Showdown – Week Two so he can tell everyone, “I’m going to NYCC!! I’m going to NYCC!!”

Houston, TX


Year Frojo34 Joined The Contest:
December 2014

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
“I love the diversity of all the characters and that just about every character you can think of is in the game. And if they aren’t…they are probably on the way! I love that the X-Men are in the Game!!”

Top 3 Champions:
Red Hulk

Style of Play:
“Parry and destroy.”

Player Bio: Big Blue
This 33-year-old enjoys pushing himself to be the best at anything he does… and is thankful to the numerous YouTubers “for the entertainment and instruction to keep me going and make me a better player.”

Mahopac, NY


Year Big Blue Joined The Contest:
August 2015

Favorite Aspect of The Contest:
“…how amazing the animations are for a mobile game and looking forward to see what they can do next.”

Top 3 Champions:
Corvus Glaive

Style of Play:
“Whatever it takes the get the job done.”

Summoner Showdown – Week Two Preview:
Aug. 7th Livestream from Marvel HQ

Watch the livestream at: Wed. at 1 PM PDT!

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