The 2020 Summoner Showdown Semi-Finals & Finals Breakdown

The best in every region of the world have been found – and now the time comes for them to duke it out to discover who will be the Finalists in the 2020 Summoner Showdown!

Written by: Dragon

Dragon is a MCoC enthusiast, a freelance writer, and, of course, a dragon

The Stakes

Eight Semi-Finalists must now become three Finalists in the 2020 Summoner Showdown! One from each region – Americas, Europe & Russia, and Asia & Oceania will be selected by the end of the Semi-Finals. 
For each Semi-Finalist who wins their bracket and goes on to be a Finalist – will receive: 
1x 6-Star Generic Awakening Gem 40x Generic 6-Star Signatures Stones 
Now to dive into how the Semi-Finals and Finals will play out! 

The Semi-Finals & Finals: An Overview

The 2020 Summoner Showdown Semi-Finals will be set up so each of the three Summoners has a chance to play each other. The positions each Summoner has will be selected randomly. This will also be the same process for the Showdown Finals! 

Series 1: Summoner 1 vs. Summoner 2 
Series 2: Summoner 2 vs. Summoner 3
Series 3: Summoner 3 vs. Summoner 1

Each of these face-offs is called a series. Within each series – there will be three rounds. The best of three rounds? Is the winner of that series! The Summoner who wins the most series will be the Semi-Finalist winner and will advance to the 2020 Summoner Showdown Finals!

The Semi-Finals & Finals: The Details

In each series – the Semi-Finalists will face off against each other in three rounds of fights. The best of three wins! 

Each round consists of two phases, and then the fights themselves. Once a Champion has been used in one of these, they can no longer be used by either Summoner for the remainder of this series. Summoners will have access to all max rank and Signature Champions up to the Champions released in September (Apocalypse and Professor X).  

For the examples below, this will break down the first series step by step. 

Series 1: Summoner 1 vs. Summoner 2

The Picks & Bans Phases 

The Bans phase refers to the opportunity that both Summoners will have to remove six separate Champions (three each) from being used as either an Attacker or Defender. At this time, the order of the fights will be determined.  

To start the Picks & Bans phase, each of the three Summoners will be selected randomly and assigned to their Player positions for the Semi-Finals.  To start off each series, the Summoner who wins a coin flip to have first position will have a choice to make – they can choose between Drafting first (the ability to Pick/Ban Champions first) or Playing first (doing their fight first).  

Assuming that the Summoner who is selected in the first position picks Drafting, the process will look like this!  When they start the Picks & Bans phase, Summoner 1 will select a Defense Tactic, then Summoner 2 will select one. They will have three different Defense Tactics to pick from (Flow, Stubborn, and Protect) and will only be able to choose one for each round of the series. 

After that, they will take alternating turns selecting which Champions to Ban. Any Champion selected will be banned from being used as an Attacker or a Defender by both Summoner 1 and Summoner 2. 

This will continue to alternate until both Summoners have banned 3 Champions each.

The remaining pieces of the Picks phase will include the Summoners selecting their Attackers and Defenders – reacting to the Defense Tactic and Champion choice accordingly.  

Every single action one Summoner takes will be visible to the other – allowing each Summoner to react accordingly! 

The Bans and Picks phases, listed out, in order: 

  • Summoner 1 will select their Defense Tactic
  • Summoner 2 will select their Defense Tactic
  • Summoner 1 will ban a Champion 
  • Summoner 2 will ban a Champion 
  • Summoner 1 will ban a Champion
  • Summoner 2 will ban a Champion 
  • Summoner 1 will ban a Champion
  • Summoner 2 will ban a Champion 
  • Summoner 1 will select an Attacker
  • Summoner 2 will select a Defender
  • Summoner 2 will select an Attacker
  • Summoner 1 will select a Defender 

Then, once all the Champion selections are finalized? One final step remains.  Players will be allowed to select their offensive masteries that will apply to the attackers they have selected. 

Defensive Masteries will be applied via a node on every fight, and include the following:
Dexterity – 1
Stupefy – 3
Parry – 3
Courage – 3
Lesser Precision – 1
Precision – 5
Lesser Cruelty – 1
Cruelty – 5
Stand Your Ground – 5
Mystic Dispersion – 5
Willpower – 3
Recovery -3
Perfect Block – 4
Salve – 1

Once all mastery changes are complete? The fights begin! 

Similar to how the Qualifiers were run – winners will be determined by the following criteria, in order: 

  • Opponent % Health Remaining 
  • Hits Received 
  • Fight Duration 

Summoners will have five minutes to complete each fight – and if neither are able to beat the fight within that time frame, the following criteria will be used to determine a winner: 

  • Opponent’s Health Percentage
  • Hits Received
  • Fight Duration 

Then, after the first round is complete, the Summoners will trade positions, and the Summoner that selected Champions to Ban first will now have the chance to do so. This shift in positions will apply to both the Bans Phase and Picks phase. 

Three rounds, three series, and when it is all done – the Finalists of the 2020 Summoner Showdown will be determined!

Dorky Diggity Dave is on hand to show you what the Summoner Showdown 2020 Semi-Finals will look, feel, and sound like!

Stay tuned for the videos of the Semi-Finals and Finals – watch the fights with fellow Summoners and cheer on the Semi-Finalists to victory!