The 2020 Summoner Showdown Semi-Finals – The Americas

Written by: Dragon

Dragon is a MCoC enthusiast, a freelance writer, and, of course, a dragon

Miss some of the fights and want to check them out again?

With the introduction of the 2020 Summoner Showdown came new rules for the Semi-Finals and Finals, including a Picks & Bans phase where players would have the opportunity to ban Champions from being used as an Attacker or a Defender.

Throughout all three series – common defenders for each of the Defender Tactics (Flow, Stubborn, and Protect) were all banned. Well-known and oft-used defenders banned across all fights were Korg, Mojo, Dormammu, Vision Aarkus, and Killmonger! The focus for the bans phase was clearly to avoid tough defenders on each of the respective Defense Tactics.

Going into the fights, there were some tough matchups (Torch vs. Voodoo comes to mind), but a wide range of challenges for each of the Semi-Finalists! Seeing HappyMcMuffins take on an Airwalker, complete with Flow Defense Tactic with Punisher2099, rework still fresh as could be, was a masterclass in Champion usage.

With the might of RNG (seriously, those Petrifies!) behind him, and a fantastic final fight – HappyMcMuffins wins the Americas Semi-Finals and advances to the 2020 Summoner Showdown Finals!

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Will HappyMcMuffins take home the 2020 Summoner Showdown trophy? Stay tuned for the Finals to find out!