MCOC Preview

The Future of the Battlerealm

Greetings Summoners!

Today, we want to share something a little different with you – a glimpse into the next 6 months of what you can expect in Marvel Contest of Champions!

As we’ve been looking back at the last 80 Years of Marvel, we wanted to take this opportunity to share with you what is to come in The Battlerealm. Details are light, but still, some surprises coming your way!

What can Summoners expect in the next six months?

  • The long-anticipated release of Colossus and Old Man Logan’s Champion updates, and your chance to vote on which Champion will be updated next!
  • Our first ever Community-wide, In-Game Event – where all Summoners can contribute to one singular goal, simply by completing fights!
  • The second half of Act 6 following Carina as she grows into her powers!
  • “Back Issues #4: Blood and Venom” a look back to the introduction of Guillotine and Venom!
  • MCOC’s  Five Year Anniversary introduces the new Hall of Heroes Nostalgia Quest!
  • New additions to Alliance Quests will allow Alliances to customize their experience and refine their difficulty level!
  • New tools help educate and train new players on the gameplay of The Contest!
  • A brand new Everest in The Contest, making Labyrinth of Legends look like it’s training mode!

Timelines may change, and details might as well. We’ve got lots more planned, but we are not ready to reveal all of it just yet…. Stay tuned!

Thank you all for your continued commitment to The Contest. We can’t wait to bring you more for years to come!

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