Summoner Showdown

The Road to New York….

When we talk about greatness –  it’s that ability to see the win. When other peoples’ heart rates are soaring, a Champion remains focused, in the zone, calm. They don’t race, they don’t rush – they envision the win within their reach. In nine weeks, we’ve watched twenty-seven skilled Summoners battle for the weekly title. We’ve seen nine claim victory.

Now, as we head into the final days before the 2019 MARVEL CONTEST OF CHAMPIONS: SUMMONER SHOWDOWN FINALS, we look at what lies ahead for each of our finalists.

Nine players will face two new challenges that they are unfamiliar with. The first Challenge will eliminate six Summoners, bringing it down to a final three. They will face off to determine the winner.

The Finalists

The order of go was drawn at the end of week nine and saw the last weekly Champion, Lagacy, pull the very first spot in the finals. We anticipate that the friendly trash-talk from Yeet will start early!

Order of Go for the Summoners at NYCC
1. Lagacy
2. DTMelodicMetal
3. Ms. Insomnia
4. PandamanPete
5. mvinceable
6. Yeet
7. RoastedBagel
8. chunkyb
9. BigBlue807

The Winner Will Receive:

  • Marvel Contest of Champions: Summoner Showdown Trophy
  • A 6-Star Featured Hero Crystal 
  • An Exclusive In-Game Title – Champion’s Champion

Runner ups (second and third place) will receive a Silver and Bronze medal as well as a 6-Star Crystal each.

Watch as the final nine battle it out for the title on Friday, October 4th at 11:45 AM – 1 PM on the Marvel Stage.  

Can’t make it to New York?  Check out the Live stream on