The Summoner New Sigil Subscription Service

The Summoner Sigil: 7-Day Free Trial

Greetings Summoners! Along with the release of Marvel Contest of Champions version 24.1, there’s also a brand new subscription service starting TODAY: The Summoner Sigil!

The Summoner Sigil – Experience 7 Days On Us!

How does this sound: valuable rewards, bonuses, exclusive access to a special Solo Event and the Black ISO Market… free for seven days.

Marvel Contest of Champions Summoner Sigil is a new subscription service loaded with valuable perks, rewards, bonuses, and exclusive access to a special Solo Event, Golden Circle Quest, Black ISO Market, and more!

We want each and every Summoner to have access to this new service, so we’re opening it up to all Summoners for 7 days (Level 10+) for free!

Unlock Perks and Rewards!

When you update to v24.1, your 7-Day Free Trial begins. You must be Level 10 or above to enjoy the benefits of The Summoner Sigil, but don’t worry new Summoners… once you hit Level 10, you’ll be granted the 7-Day Free Trial.

Your subscription to The Summoner Sigil gives you:

  • A 20% Experience Boost!
  • A Weekly Golden Circle Quest!
  • Faster Quest Energy Recharge!
  • The new exclusive Title, Summoner Supreme!
  • A Special Solo Event based on your Campaign Progression Level!
  • Access to the Black ISO Market! (The Black-ISO Mafia has opened its own market where you can trade up your items, available only to Summoners that possess the Sigil!)
  • A 25% Increase to their Inventory Capacity!

Details on Joining

Available as of August 6th for US $9.99 (the price of a Star-Lord’s Loot Bag!) your 30-day non-refundable subscription also comes with the option to renew (for another month) with 7 days left.

When your subscription to The Contest’s Summoner Sigil expires, you will also lose all of the benefits associated with your subscription.

However, you will still be able to claim any leftover Milestones of the Solo Event; and any items in your inventory that were affected by the increased inventory limit will remain in your inventory.

What is the best way to check out The Summoner Sigil? A 7-Day Free Trial, available for all Summoners (Level 10+)…starting TODAY!

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