Tips & Tricks: The Class Wheel

No matter how long you’ve been battling in The Contest, sometimes a refresher on the basics can help you out. In this entry of Tips & Tricks we demonstrate how the Class Wheel works. This system of advantages and penalties can make the difference between defeat or glory in The Battlerealm!

Understanding the main characteristics of each Class helps you to determine which Champions you’re going to need so that you can strategically choose who you want on your roster for a fight. Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses that can be used to help you on your road to glory!


Beings from outer space, and beyond! Cosmic Champions grant themselves powerful Buffs, and build up their strength over time.


With super suits and robotic enhancements, Tech Champions excel at gaining Armor and bolstering their defenses.


Born with the peculiar X-gene, Mutants are capable of extraordinary feats of power. They possess powerful Special Attacks, and may Regenerate their health.


Skill Champions bring keen instincts and raw natural talent to The Contest. They specialize in powerful Critical Hits and Bleed effects.


Souped-up super-soldiers and experiments gone wrong. The Science class is great at Debuffing their opponents, and shrugging off blows with their passive defenses.


The Mystic class is comprised of spellcasters and other dimensional beings. They gain Power faster than other classes, and have access to a wide variety of useful effects.

Now that you’ve got a base understanding of each class, it’s time to understand the relationships of the classes and what their advantage or disadvantage is when facing off against the other classes. Each Class has one advantage over another Class, and one disadvantage against another Class. The Attack attribute is increased for advantageous matchups, and decreased for disadvantageous matchups. These relationships are represented by either a glowing green up arrow or a glowing red down arrow.

Cosmic > Tech

Tech Champions have difficulty adapting to the alien technologies of the Cosmic class. Cosmic Champions are also able to use Armor Break and True Damage effects to circumvent Tech Champion defenses.

Tech > Mutant

Tech Champions constantly adapt themselves to the unique abilities of Mutants. On top of that, they have the ability to deplete their Power and block their Regeneration.

Mutant > Skill

No amount of training can overcome Adamantium claws or eye lasers. Mutant regeneration abilities can also negate the Bleed effects many Skill Champions rely on.

Skill > Science

While Science Champions fiddle with their experiments, Skill beats them to the punch. Skill Champions are able to bypass the defenses of the Science class, and shrug off their Debuffs.

Science > Mystic

Science rebuts the mysterious Mystic class using cold, hard facts. The low defenses of Mystic Champions are no match for Science Champions, who can punish them for using Special Attacks.

Mystic > Cosmic

Cosmic Champions may be out of this world, but Mystics are even more unfathomable. They can easily Nullify the Buffs that Cosmic Champions use, rendering them much less threatening.