v23.1 available on June 3rd!

New quests and new events… read on to learn more about this exciting update!

Atlantean Event: IMPERIUS REX!

A third member of the FANTASTIC FOUR has been located, but it will be a perilous journey into the unknown to recover them.

Within a prison of water and a forgotten kingdom, ANT-MAN, HUMAN TORCH, and THING are happy to discover SUE STORM-RICHARDS, INVISIBLE WOMAN, but surprised to find her working with NAMOR, THE SUB-MARINER! Sue assures them he is trustworthy, but the long history between the Fantastic Four and Namor leaves the others uncertain.

Has Namor changed his ways? Will the Fantastic Three be able to escape their aquatic prison? Find out in IMPERIUS REX!


Atlantean Coral has been scattered around The Battlerealm! Collect enough and enter one of two Rift variations for a chance at great rewards. Play it safe in the Stable Rift which has more reliable rewards, or dive into the Unstable Rift which has higher jackpots but involves more luck!


Continue the story with Carina in the compelling second chapter of Act 6!


Thanos has taken control of the Alliance Quests, and his chaotic children await as new Mini-Bosses! New challenges and rewards await as this sensational Season begins!


New Maps for all difficulties, new buff layouts, and more awaits you!


  • GAMBIT: Fixed an issue where the final hit of his Special 1 Attack was not connecting when the opponent is against the wall.
  • GHOST: Fixed an issue where her Phasing was able to stack.
  • HULK (RAGNAROK): Unique Synergies now provide an increase to his Power Index.
  • M.O.D.O.K.: Fixed an issue where M.O.D.O.K. would remain in Block position after an Auto-Block.
  • MORDO: When pausing the game during his Special 2 Attack, the rest of the fight will no longer be in slow motion.
  • PHOENIX: Fixed an issue regarding chaining into a Special 1 Attack from Basic Attacks.
  • RHINO: Fixed an issue where his Fury Buff was not triggering when performing a 5-Hit Combo when the opponent is against the wall.
  • SENTINEL: Lengthened Special 1 Attack recovery to match previous speed.
  • SHE-HULK: “Agents of Smash” Synergy will now correctly increase Fury Potency.
  • Fixed an issue where holding Block during a Special 3 Attack would cause Champion to not Block after the Special completed.
  • Fixed an issue where if a Special 3 Attack could KO an opponent, but the Fight Timer expires during attack, the attack would not result in a KO.