V24.0  will be available on July 3rd!

Read on to learn about this exciting update!



The Battlerealm is thrown for a loop when the Heroes of the Spider-verse begin to attack others at random all across it. Worried about what the sudden attack entails, Spider-Man teams up with the Summoner to get to the bottom of the mystery, with “help” from Deadpool. It will be up to Spider-Man and some new arrivals in The Contest to find out what’s going on and who’s behind it!

Spider-Man: Class Trip

Spider-Man is going abroad with his school mates but Nick Fury has other plans for him besides sightseeing. Join Spider-Man as he takes on Special Solo Objectives and embarks on new Quests for S.H.I.E.L.D.!


Summoner Appreciation Login Calendar

A summer long Login Calendar to celebrate the community of Summoners making The Contest what it is!


  • ANNIHILUS: Differentiated the Icon for Stifle so it no longer looks too similar to the Power Lock Icon.
  • THE CHAMPION: Fixed issue where Armor Break potency was not being removed when Fury Effects expired.
  • CULL OBSIDIAN: Can now correctly block Havok’s first Medium Attack.
  • DOMINO: Fixed issue where Critical Failure would not trigger when certain opponents failed to trigger their Abilities.
  • GUILLOTINE: Will now correctly Heal based on Soul Count.
  • NICK FURY: Fixed an issue where Nick Fury’s Bleeds would scale above 100% potency when non-Buff regens would Expire.
  • OMEGA RED: Fixed an issue where the Spike Armor Buff Node would incorrectly reflect damage back to Omega Red.
  • VOID: Fixed issue where Intimidating Presence Debuffs would sometimes stop being applied if opponent could shrug off debuffs.
  • Removed “Unblockable” from the Spite Buff Node description to match Gameplay effects.