V24.3  will be available on October 2nd! Read on to learn about this exciting update!


Guillotine: Future Prometheus

When MORNINGSTAR is accused of several violent attacks across The Battlerealm, a team of slayers led by the infamous ELSA BLOODSTONE sets out to stop her once and for all. MORNINGSTAR finds an unlikely ally in GUILLOTINE who, through their mystical connection from La Fleur du Mal, believes there is more to the attacks than just simple violence. A battle for the souls of the past and future awaits in GUILLOTINE: FUTURE PROMETHEUS!

Attack on the Nexus!

A gate to The Nexus of All Realities has opened! This bizarre place acts as the metaphorical glue holding together every and all realities. Bring Heroes and Villains of the proper Class during the week and earn access to a special Quest with the protector of the Nexus: MAN-THING! What secrets and rewards await in these strange and foreign dimensions? Collect ANOMALIES and begin your ATTACK ON THE NEXUS!


  • COLLECTOR: The Collector’s Special 3 Attack will properly KO any Champion that it is used against.
  • CORVUS GLAIVE: Special Attack 1 no longer activating Buffet Node.
  • GROOT and KING GROOT: Poison on Overgrowth Node corrected.
  • KANG: #Metal Tag now functioning correctly.
  • RHINO: Will now correctly hit opponent if intercepted while performing a Medium Dash Attack with Unstoppable.
  • SUNSPOT: Iron Man (Infinity War) added to Leading Avengers Synergy.


  • Fixed issue with Alliance War Room Chat delays.
  • Fixed issue where Summoners may not be able to re-enter a Dungeon after leaving.
  • Corrected an issue where Alliance War Enemy Progression Bar was not visible.
  • Made further improvements to prevent the Defender from launching a Special attack while Attacking into their block.
  • Encroaching Stun no longer starts the player in a Stunned State if 2 Encroaching Stun Buff Nodes are present.