V25.1  will be available on December 3rd! Read on to learn about this exciting update!



Reed Richards is found, and the truth is revealed: The beacon designed by him and developed by the Fantastic Four was built to call GALACTUS to The Battlerealm! The Grandmaster, greatly angered by his actions, destroys the beacon and is convinced to hold a trial, allowing Richards a fair chance to explain himself. Surprising everyone, Mister Fantastic’s greatest defender is Victor von Doom himself.


Become overwhelmed with Nostalgia as weekly Quests allow you to challenge all the Champions from The Battlerealm in the order they were released to get valuable rewards!


FIVE YEARS of Marvel Contest of Champions is something worth celebrating and we’re looking to reward and challenge our Summoners with a special Calendar, Events, and more!


With the help of Deadpool and Spider-man, you must track down the wily and dangerous Moon Knight and return him to the Collector! – Return to a classic Quest from the early days of The Contest with this fourth edition of BACK ISSUES! This Quest will feature both CLASSIC and VARIANT difficulties. Choose Classic to experience the Quest as it was in 2015, and Variant to face off against highly challenging fights demanding specific Champions and strategic counters!


  • ÆGON: Fixed Combo Shield to be a true Buff which can now be interacted with.
  • ÆGON: Fixed issue where Ability Accuracy Reduction could bypass characters who were Immune to Ability Accuracy Reduction.
  • ÆGON: Fixed an issue where Combo Breaker synergy was not activating when being struck
  • CORVUS GLAIVE: Info page updated to callout that he does not take damage from Iceman’s Frostbite Passive when Corvus Glaive’s Immunity is active. Info page also updated to match gameplay potency of the Damage inflicted on himself when purifying Coldsnap, Bleed, or Shock.
  • ELSA BLOODSTONE: Ability Accuracy will no longer permanently disable Bloodgem Protection.
  • EMMA FROST: Will no longer fail to land the final attack in her Combo
  • DOMINO: Signature Ability will now correctly do damage to Namor when his Power Gain fails.
  • GHOST: Heavy Attack should no longer fail to land under certain conditions.
  • GUILLOTINE 2099: Regen is now scaling based off base HP in place of modified HP. Will no longer receive Combo Shield when Dexterity evading an attack.
  • HOWARD THE DUCK: Special 1 ISO-Loader issues fixed regarding unintended interactions with the Molecular Armor of Iron Man (Infinity War).
  • HYPERION: Fixed an Issue where attempting to chain Heavy Attacks with Hyperion would cause a delay when starting subsequent Heavy Attacks.
  • MEPHISTO: Increased Incinerate Aura distance to match Omega Red’s.
  • WASP: Fixed the issue where Wasp was incorrectly able to Stun a Defender on a Stun immune Node
  • Fixed an issue where Guillotine 2099’s Combo Meter wasn’t being correctly tracked by Champions or Buffs that track the Opponent’s Combo Meter.
  • Fixed an issue where Alliance Quest Modifiers would display as “Coming Soon” for Members
  • Fixed an issue where Honor and Bonus Points are not displaying correctly for Battlegroup 3
  • Fixed an issue with constant notifications for Rewards to be claimed
  • Fixed an issue where Summoner Names would only display 5 Characters