v28.0 Release Notes

Submit Yourself to Galactus!

Fear not Summoners, for the hour of your salvation is near! Submit yourself to The Devourer of Worlds, and you too can be saved!

Only through Galactus can the Champions of The Contest truly be freed. Only through the Great Devourer can the entrapment of The Battlerealm come to an end! Our numbers are growing, and our ranks are strengthening. Do not oppose us. Join us. 

We call upon you to give yourself to Galactus! Give yourself to the one power that offers us all salvation.

Be his feast or be his follower, all shall join with Galactus.

Annunciation of Ruin

H.E.R.B.I.E. needs your help to find a dangerous subject; DRAGON MAN! He fears that if DRAGON MAN is exposed to the Iso-Spell of The Battlerealm, that he will turn into the crazed creature he once was!

H.E.R.B.I.E. has also heard rumors for the “Salvation of The Battlerealm”, a purported end to the entrapment of Champions in The Battlerealm. Whoever is behind the movement is converting others to their cause rapidly. It almost seems like someone is controlling them…

Two New Champions find their Purpose in The Contest

Dragon Man was a lifeless android constructed by Professor Gregson Gilbert, then brought to life by Diablo through a combination of Science and Alchemy. Dragon Man spent much of his existence being manipulated into combat by Heroes and Villains alike until Valeria Richards upgraded his Programming. Now with both super-intellect and immense strength, Dragon Man acts as a Guardian for the children of the Future Foundation.


Gabriel Lan was formerly a member of the Nova Corps, before eagerly accepting an offer from the cosmic entity Galactus to become his herald. Wielding the immense power of the Power Cosmic and the Bow of Gabriel, Air-Walker dutifully serves Galactus, terraforming worlds for his master, and crushing all who oppose him!


Become the Herald

It takes a cosmic-level of skill and power to earn the honor of being a Herald to Galactus. It is time to prove yourself!

Every day you will be given a “Galactus’s Favor” from a special login calendar, which will allow you to enter into Side Quests that alternate daily. Rewards change each day between Crystal Shards to help you expand your roster on one day, and Catalysts and Fragments to make your Champions know real power on another. If you wish, you can save your Favors and challenge a single Quest multiple times.

Herald Difficulty

For those who have truly proved their might, a special Herald Difficulty of this month’s Side Quest will be open to those who have become level 55 or higher. , a more substantial danger calls for increased rewards, so make the most of this Cosmic Challenge. Cavalier players that complete Herald Difficulty will also unlock special Solo Objectives to earn Tier 5 Class Catalyst Fragments and more!

Back Issues #5: Blood and Venom

Back Issues returns with another re-release of a classic Quest! Travel back to BLOOD AND VENOM, the first appearance of both the eponymous VENOM and Contest of Champions’ GUILLOTINE! 

As always, Classic difficulty will let you experience the Quest as it was, with old difficulty and rewards; Variant difficulty offers a challenge for high-level Summoners, with high-rank Champions and tricky fights. 

For this iteration of Back Issues, Summoners must bring their Mystic, #Spider-Verse Hero, or #Symbiote Champions to enter. Each Chapter will feature a unique Global Buff enhancing the abilities of one of those groups, and fights that will challenge your skills!

Summon Platinumpool, The Fabulous One!

I told you that you hadn’t seen the last of me! I bet you’ve spent your nights trying to unravel my mysteries… dreaming about me. After months of our back and forth (mostly back), will-they-won’t-they, Ross and Rachel relationship, did you really think I would leave you nothing but a Profile Pic to remember me by? We’re meant for each other, Summoner! Now all that’s left is for you to put together the pieces and we can be together forever! Believe. Believe in the heart of the shards. Believe in us. Believe in Summpool. (That’s what they’d call us) 


Daily Quest Auto-Complete

Engage with Daily Quests in a new way! Once a Summoner has fully explored a difficulty, they are now able to auto-complete Daily Quests in exchange for Energy.

6.2.6 Champion Boss Fight Update

In our first step to review and reshape some of Act 6, we’re focusing on the 6.2.6 Champion Boss fight. This fight has been a wall for many Summoners, and while it is still going to be difficult, we wanted to go back and ease up on that difficulty a little bit.

  • Reducing Block Penetration from 25% to 2%
  • Reducing Nullify Damage from 10% of Modified Attack to 2% of Modified Attack
  • Reduced the total Dexterity Charges from 5 to 3
  • Replacing No Retreat Node with Kinetic Transference-1

This update is phase one in our plans to alleviate some pain points in Act 6. Stay tuned for more information on further changes in the future. 

New Features and Updates:

– Alliance Tickets Map costs for Alliance Quest Maps 6 and 7 will now be split across all Battlegroups!

– Gave Platinumpool the ability to speed up during auto-fight.

– Updated the Inequity Mastery to use the opponent’s modified attack rather than their base attack.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

– The Champion: Fixed an issue where The Champion would get knocked back while Unstoppable and Blocking an incoming attack.

– Colossus: Updated Info Page to specify that all Colossus’ Abilities need to be below 100% Ability Accuracy to gain the Combat Power Rate.

– Guardian: Updated Info Page to specify all Guardian’s Abilities need to be below 100% ability accuracy to inflict the Shock Debuff.

– King Groot: Fixed issue where King Groot was able to shrug off more of Omega Red’s Spores than intended.

– Mephisto: Fixed issue where the “Plagued Mind” Node would count towards Special 3 requirements to activate Aura of Incineration.

– M.O.D.O.K.: Updated Force Field Info Page to clarify when Shield is removed.

– Nick Fury: Fixed issue where Nick Fury would start with 2 Fate Seals if fighting Abyss Mordo.

– Nova: Fixed issue where Special 2 blast visual effects would remain if interrupted at the end of the Special.

– Red Guardian: Fixed issue where Buff was gained from Dexterity Mastery.

– Warlock: Fixed an issue where Power Drain could trigger under certain circumstances, even if the opponent was not infected.

– Abyss of Legends Green Goblin: Updated Info Page to specify that striking Green Goblin with a Critical Hit reduces his opponent’s Attack Rating by 65% for that attack.