Mister Fantastic has noticed interdimensional activities along with the signature of a large mechanical device in the Battlerealm recently, and has tasked you with assessing what is going on. There have also been reports of Champions acting strangely, to the point where their personalities and mannerisms are almost the complete opposite of what they usually would be…

Two New Champions Crawl Into the Contest!

When Peni Parker’s father passed away piloting the SP//dr suit, she became the last person able to bond with the radioactive spider controlling the bionic armour. With her Uncle Ben and Aunt May at her side, Peni began piloting the SP//dr suit as the friendly neighbourhood spider-hero of New York City!

Miguel O’Hara, a brilliant geneticist from the year 2099, goes through a series of incidents that culminate with him having his genetic code spliced with the DNA of a spider. He gains several spider-related powers similar to the original Spider-Man, like superhuman agility, strength and wall-crawling. However, his powers are slightly different from the original, he can organically create his own webs, he has retractable claws and instead of spider-sense, he has a hyper accurate vision which is so powerful that it essentially works as an early warning system.


Earn Digital Snapshot event currency in Special Solo Objectives, Solo Events and Arenas this month. Spend those hard-earned Snapshots in the Daily Bugle store to collect Crystals, Rank Up Materials, Profile Pics and more!


Alliance War Tiebreakers: Previously a tie condition would result in neither Alliance winning their War. We’re adjusting this to now allow Alliances who completed their War with the lowest overall fight duration to claim victory! So don’t delay in the devastation of your Opponents. Visit our Blog for more information.

Champion Updates:

Venompool, King Groot, and The Hood have been updated! Visit our Blog for more information.


  • Fixed an issue where Shang Chi’s purify on Cleansing Strike was not affected by Ability Accuracy Reduction
  • Doctor Octopus: Fixed issue where his Signature Ability power drain was displayed as a power lock.
  • Dormammu: Fixed an issue where the Imbued Special Attack 2 could power burn a power burn immune opponent.
  • Omega Red: Fixed an issue where the opponent would not take damage from the death field until they exited and re-entered.
  • Mole Man: Fixed issue where his True Accuracy Passive would not interact correctly with other champions.
  • America Chavez: Updated info page for the Stay Positive synergy to match the potency in gameplay.
  • Hawkeye: Fixed issue where a white glow would appear after a Special 1
  • Ultron: Fixed issue where the My Beautiful Meteor Synergy would sometimes fail to activate the 7 second Cauterize.
  • Alliance Quest: Fixed issue where rarely, two instances of Alliance Quest could be activated.
  • Colossus: Fixed an issue where the Feel Cyttorak’s Embrace Synergy would not increase the potency of Armour Up and Fury Buffs.
  • Stability: Improved stability to reduce lag or a hitching feeling that would occur during specific gameplay scenarios.
  • Mighty Charge Buff Node: Fixed the Debuff Immunity to work the same as other immunities (it is unaffected by Ability Accuracy or Purify interactions). The initial Purify is unchanged.
  • Mephisto: Fixed an issue where the Demons Synergy with Dormammu would not increase Energy Resistance while affected by a Power Burn.
  • Mister Sinister: Fixed issue where during certain circumstances, Mister Sinister would not transfer Power Burn Damage over Time effects with his Special Attack 1.
  • Power Alternator Buff Node: Fixed issue where Annihilus’s Power was affected even though Control Rod was active.
  • Odin: Fixed issue where the Stormbreaker Pre Fight Ability was reducing the attacker’s shock damage.
  • Mangog: Fixed issue where Mangog would not gain a Fury Buff when struck while unstoppable if the unstoppable was triggered if enraged was triggered via a SP1 
  • Power Gain: Fixed an issue where occasionally Power Gain was able to go into the negatives during certain situations.