Pride Comes Before the Fall…

Tensions rise between the mutants of Clan Akkaba, the followers of Apocalypse, and the people of Krakoa, Xavier’s mutant-only island nation. Sabotage and subterfuge fuel the deepening rift, and heinous crimes are pinned on none other than Kitty Pryde! Tracking down leads with her and Wolverine, the summoner uncovers a plot that seeks to do far more than just smear the name of the young mutant…

A Marauder Rises

Katherine “Kitty” Pryde led the life of a normal teenager until she began suffering headaches of steadily increasing intensity as a result of her emerging mutant powers. Seeing her potential, Phoenix telepathically coerced Kitty’s parents into allowing her to join Xavier’s “school for gifted youngsters” where she quickly became the youngest member of the X-Men. During her adventures, Kitty encountered and befriended a small alien dragon-like creature named “Lockheed” who quickly became her constant companion and travel buddy!

Nimrod is the ultimate Sentinel. Constructed in a timeline where Mutants have been completely wiped out by the superior, infinitely advancing robotic beings. Upon realization that it’s one directive to exterminate all Mutants was no longer possible within Nimrod’s original timeline, this flawless, unstoppable force of destruction begins to jump to alternate timelines, ridding the multi-verse of the abhorrent Mutant scourge.

Marauder Mysteries

Complete special Solo Objectives for Kitty Pryde to earn rewards and join forces with the Marauders to solve a mystery in The Contest. 

Shang-Chi’s Close Quarters Challenge

Shang-Chi and other fighters skilled in close quarters combat have stepped into the ring. Are you ready to go toe-to-toe with a master of the martial arts?


Team Select & Quest Map Preview

As a test, we have implemented a “Preview” button for X-Men: Future Shock to allow players to view the quest map while selecting a team. Note: This will not display randomly generated path rewards.


Gamora and Spider-Man (Miles Morales) have been updated!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Cornered buff was not granting more power when a Rupture debuff was inflicted
  • Fixed an issue where Ghost would not gain a Fury when removing a Rupture debuff by Phasing
  • Fixed an issue where Power Gain from Goldpool’s SP2 was not a Passive Power Gain
  • Fixed an issue where War Machine’s armor breaks did not trigger Engineered Fracture and Infectious Wrath
  • Fixed an issue where Hercules’s Immortal Buff was not being nullified by Longshot’s Special Attack 2
  • Fixed an issue where Jabari Panther was not gaining Fury from Mind’s Eye
  • Updated Spider-Man 2099’s Synergy with Sabretooth to include missing information. The Synergy will now read “Blocking an attack has a 10% chance to grant a regeneration passive…”
  • Fixed an issue where Ultron’s Special Attack 2 Description was missing
  • Fixed an issue where Ultron’s PI fell in the last update
  • Fixed an issue where going into a quest with Heimdall and synergy members could cause the game to crash
  • Changed Peni Parker’s Synergy with Spider-Man (Miles Morales). The synergy will now read: Each Spider-Sense Charge grants +4% Attack Rating, and +4% personal debuff duration and ability accuracy