Destroyer of Light

A call for help from Nova has come in from the edge of the Symbiote Lands, the unforgiving Battlerealm region that the many Kylntar, (or “Symbiotes”) call home. 

Nova picked up a distress signal from within the Symbiote Lands, one that supplied only foreboding words: “HE IS HERE. OVERRUN.” 

With the rest of the Battlerealm’s Champions indisposed, he has turned to The Contest’s most reliable hero, The Summoner!

The Symbiote hive stirs

Eddie Brock, now separated from the Venom Symbiote, had his cancer cured by Martin Li, the alter ego of the Super Villain  Mister Negative. Unbeknown to Li, his healing powers fused with the remnants of the Symbiote in Eddie’s body and created a new mindless Symbiote now known as Anti-Venom.

When all that existed was the darkness there was Knull and he thrived in it. But when the Celestial’s creations began consuming his Living Abyss with radiant light, he retaliated. Knull felled one of these primordial gods, absorbing its power and forming All-Black, the Necrosword. With the power of the Celestials on his side and sheer darkness as his weapon, Knull spawned an army of his own, the Symbiotes. Creatures formed from darkness and fear and designed to extinguish the light.

Cosmic Eclipse

The Summoned Symbiote is back to destroy the very entity that had created him!. 

However, the Summoned Symbiote needs their strength to take on their creator. Through repeatable Quests, you will fight other Symbiote Hives to earn the Katalysts needed to strengthen the Summoned Symbiote so they may take on Knull’s Void. 

Make sure to log in this month to claim your very own Summoned Symbiote, this time they’ll even be sticking around after the Event has ended!

Complete Cosmic Eclipse Quests to gain resources to power up your Summoned Symbiote before taking on his creator, Knull!

Act 7 Chapter 3: A Matter of Time

In the wake of Gwenpool’s disastrous attempt to “fix” the Contest, Kang has resurfaced with an army of alternate timeline heroes-turned-villains, and a bold new power drawn from paradox. Carina must fight through Kang’s forces and stop him from summoning an army of Kangs capable of conquering the Battlerealm.

Practice Battles

Summoners will now be able to do practice fights against any Champion they own. These are not duels and so can be done with no limit. It is accessible by tapping on a Champion in the Champions Screen.

Champion Updates

Guillotine and Thor (Ragnarok) have been updated! Give their new updated abilities a try!

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Ronan was not always immune to Passive Poison Effects
  • Fixed an issue where Mole Man disappears at the end of his Special Attack 3
  • Fixed an issue where Grandmaster’s dice weren’t rotating in the info screen
  • Fixed an issue where Nimrod’s Heavy Visual Effects could be turned off
  • Fixed an issue with Karnak’s Special Attack 3 visual effects
  • Fixed an issue where Ebony Maw’s Heavy Attack’s Rock attack was not considered a Physical attack
  • Fixed an issue for all languages so the text aligns for featured champs
  • Fixed an issue with the Critical Eye buff description to reflect that the Precision gained is a passive effect and not a buff
  • Fixed an issue with Kitty Pryde and Lockheed’s glowing eyes not aligning during her Special Attack 3 against XL champs
  • Fixed an issue where Alliance Rank, Bracket names and icons weren’t displaying for Alliances that ranked in the Top 3 in an AW Season
  • Peni Parker will no longer act villainous (Fixed an issue where Peni Parker had an invisible Villain tag)
  • Alliance Wars end of season mail will no longer be delivered as Already Read
  • Alliance Wars button to redirect camera to the user’s node will now work correctly 
  • Fixed an issue where Crossbones consumes a Fury on his Heavy Attack on opponents who were recovering from a Special Attack
  • Fixed an issue where some of the lighting from Champions’ attacks lingered for too long on their opponents
  • Updated descriptions for Pacify, Petrify, and Stupefy to reflect that they can trigger on any Stun debuff
  • Fixed an issue where Spider-man (Stealth Suit)’s Special Attack 2 could ignore Gwenmaster’s Mystic Phase
  • Fixed an issue where interacting with the screen during the run-in could cause gameplay hitches
  • Implemented a fix to make the screen stay at the same Act/Quest and not jump to Book 2 after finishing or backing out of a Story Quest in Book 1