V33.0 Release Notes

Di Immortalis

After the chaos and destruction left in Knull’s wake, Nova has recruited you and two mysterious new arrivals to start proactively tackling cosmic threats. First up: The Heralds of Galactus! Are Ikaris and Sersi up to the task of rounding up these cosmic renegades? What discovery lies hidden deep within the Quantum Realm, and why does it spell certain doom for the entire Battlerealm?

You have proven a reliable ally to the last bastion of the Nova Corps, but will The Eternals stay in line while the Heralds are brought to justice? Find out in DI IMMORTALIS!

Inspired by Marvel Studios’ The Eternals, 2 New Champions enter the Contest!

Sersi is an Eternal, one of a race of ancient aliens who have lived on Earth for eons in secret. Unlike her fellow Eternals, Sersi favors living among humanity and doubles as a museum curator while also protecting them from the Deviant threat. With the ability to manipulate matter allowing her to alter the composition of any non-sentient material she touches, Sersi sets out to reconnect with her fellow Eternal, Ikaris, and help recruit them all for one last mission.

Ikaris is an Eternal, once a race of super-powered beings engineered by The Celestials to watch over and protect humanity from Deviants. Armed with super-strength, flight, immortality, and cosmic energy powers, Ikaris serves as the stalwart leader of the Eternals tasked with safeguarding Earth.


Numerous world-ending threats, from rampaging robots to dimensional disruptors, are finding their way into The Contest! You’re going to need some help, luckily you’ll be able to team up with Ikaris and Sersi each week to drive back these dangerous foes!

Back Issues #8 – DEADPOOLOOZA

From the MCOC archives, another classic Quest from days gone by returns in the form of a new Back Issues! This time we’ll be looking through Deadpoolooza, the Quest where Deadpool got to run The Contest for a day! 

In the VARIANT difficulty, Deadpool has decided that only #Mercenary and Deadpool-Family Champions will be at their strongest. Put together a team of morally dubious Mercs for Money, use Cross-Fight buffs collected from the Deadpooloids to overcome the challenges within, and face off against Venompool in his Arena/kitchen of origin!

Fight Summary Beta

In the Settings Menu, there is a new “Beta Features Opt-In” option. If enabled, you will get access to the beta version of the new fight summary screen, which provides more detailed information on why you won or lost a fight. This is still actively in development, so there will be some bugs. However, you can always revert back to the old fight summary screen by disabling this option in Settings.  

Skip Special 3 Button

In the Settings Menu, there is a new “Show Skip Special 3 Button” option. If enabled, you will be able to skip the Special 3 animation after the 5-Star timing mini-game. However, this feature will be disabled in timed matches while we evaluate any balance issues that may arise from this change.

Boost Categories

The Boosts Menu is now separated into categorical tabs to make it easier to find the Boosts you need (Common, War, Class, Other). 

Champion Updates

Nebula and Karnak have been updated! Check out their Champion Spotlights for more information.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed an issue where Knull’s Corruption was not applying the correct number of Armor Breaks when multiple Armor Ups were triggered
  • Fixed an issue where Black Panther’s Special Attack 1 was not connecting with all hits
  • Fixed an issue where Ant-Man was unable to chain into a Special Attack at the end of a Combo.
  • Fixed an issue where Black Widow (Deadly Origin) wasn’t listed in the text of War Machine’s Skirmish Enhancement synergy
  • Fixed a bug where Invisible Woman did not become transparent
  • Fixed a bug where Mister Negative was unable to chain Heavy Attacks
  • Fixed an issue where Odin’s Checkmate description was appearing with the True Strike pause description
  • Fixed a bug where the Special Attack button sometimes causes Champions to block instead of launching a Special Attack