Become a Part of the Fantastic Family in November


Get ready to activate that final beacon, because November is on the way! 

A World Beyond Space, A Man out of Time!

The Fantastic Four have at long last located their final missing member: Doctor Reed Richards, A.K.A. Mister Fantastic! Unfortunately, rescue seems impossible as Richards is stuck inside an anomaly which resets time and space every 4 minutes. They’ll need to uncover the secrets of this time-looping prison, and overcome the sinister Cabal forces which protect it.

With their friend’s rescue within their grasp, the Fantastic Four soon realize that the true villain behind Mister Fantastic’s torment is none other than Doctor Doom! Troubles compound as it seems that freeing a mind as brilliant, and dangerous, as Reed Richards’ could have dire consequences…

Mister Fantastic, A.K.A. Reed Richards, is the brilliant leader of the Fantastic Four, and widely considered the smartest man alive. After being exposed to cosmic rays, Reed Richards was imbued with elastic flexibility and durability, allowing him to out-maneuver opponents while simultaneously out-smarting them.

Doctor Doom, A.K.A. Victor von Doom, is the King of Latveria, sworn enemy of the Fantastic Four, and one of the most dangerous villains to ever grace The Battlerealm. Unparalleled in his knowledge of both science and the mystic arts, Doom’s armour is the culmination of his mastery over both, providing him with incredible power and a shocking array of attacks.

Fantastic and Doom Invasions

Mister Fantastic and Doctor Doom are waging an all-out war! Will you help Mister Fantastic defeat the Villains of The Battlerealm? Or will you side with Doctor Doom to annihilate the Super Heroes? 

On alternating days, you’ll be able to participate in either Fantastic Invasions or Doom Invasions. These Quests will face you off against Villain, Hero, and Mercenary tagged Champions on behalf of two of the greatest minds in The Battlerealm, Reed Richards and Doctor Doom! 

Fantastic Invasions will reward Crystal Shards to help you expand your team of friends, while Doom Invasions will reward Catalysts and Fragments to make your Champions know true power!

Our First Ever Community Wide Event!

The Fantastic Four are mighty alone but become truly powerful when working together! So in that spirit, we’re getting our Summoners to band together for a common goal. 

EVERY successful fight across The Battlerealm this month will be tallied up and the more fights won mean more special Events which will be unleashed on The Contest! All successful fights count towards this goal, if you’re controlling a Champion and claim a Victory over another Champion it’s added to the running total!

Hitting the Community Milestones will unlock special rewards for all Summoners in The Battlerealm over the course of the month, including an Item Trade-In event, a special Reward Calendar full of Boosts, and more!

Fantastic Family and Foes Solo Objectives

To aid you on your way to claiming all of the Community Milestones, special Fantastic Four themed Solo Objectives will be available!

Act 6 Chapter 3

The Champion has been stopped, but Carina’s team is exhausted and wounded from the battle, with Ægon in particular at his limit. The Grandmaster is nowhere to be found, and the anger over Carina’s past mistakes are reaching a boiling point. Continue the epic story in the 3rd Chapter of the final Act of the Elder’s Saga on November 13th!

Colossus and Old Man Logan receive their Updates!

The long awaited updates to our first Community Choice Update Champion and runner up are coming next Month! Get ready to rip your opponent to shreds with the improved Old Man Logan, and bring your opponent to a halt with the reworked Colossus!

Campaign Progression Based Calendars

Starting in November, as you move from Summoner, to Proven, to Uncollected, and finally to Cavalier, your Daily Login Calendar will be upgraded! Uncollected and Cavalier Summoners can look forward to a guaranteed 4-Star Champion, with a chance at a 5-Star Champion every month, as well as some other upgrades!

Note: New Calendars will not trigger as soon as you reach a new Campaign progression level. They will change when the current Calendar ends and the next one begins.

Alliance Quest Modifiers

A brand new optional feature to Alliance Quests! Choose from a selection of Buffs to apply to the Defenders of your Alliance Quest Map to customize the difficulty, and earn Honor Rewards! Watch for these later this month.

Alliance Quest Updates

Watch out later this month for an update to the Glory Store and Alliance Quest Rank Rewards, as well as a change to Minibosses in Alliance Quest Maps 3-6, and the addition of a new Miniboss in Map 7.