Year in Review: Looking back on 2020 in Marvel Contest of Champions

Join us in celebrating SIX SENSATIONAL YEARS of Marvel Contest of Champions! 2020 has been an entertaining, challenging, thrilling, and rewarding year. To mark the occasion, we’ve assembled a video to showcase your astonishing accomplishments and major milestones of 2020. We will also reveal the winner of the first ever Summoner’s Choice Champion Vote!

Here are the highlights of some of our favorite memories from 2020.

12 New Motion Comics

This year, we released 12 motion comics to introduce the storylines of each month’s new events. Together we’ve caught glimpses of the island of Krakoa with Professor X and explored the majestic expanse of Canada with Guardian and Sasquatch. We watched Tippy kick some Skrull butt, and Dragon Man sporting his favorite pajamas. Do you have a favorite? Check out the full playlist here!


In 2020, we collaborated with talented creators. Thank you to Hacksmith Industries, Ze Frank, Al Ewing, Pepe Larraz, and Geoff Shaw!

Ze Frank

Ze Frank’s documentary-worthy voice and his extensive knowledge of the animal kingdom lent for a WILD set of videos featuring Tigra and Hit-Monkey. Did you know that Macaque monkeys wash their sweet potatoes before eating them? Check out the videos below for some True Facts!

Samurai’s Journey Motion Comic

True Facts: Macaques

True Facts: Cat’s Killer Senses

Hacksmith Industries

Have you ever thought about what The Battlerealm’s weapons would look like in real life? As a Marvel fan himself, the Hacksmith and his team were excited to create two videos of iconic MCoC weapons from start to finish. Check out the videos below for some impressive engineering work and of course… Explosions!

Civil Warrior Shield Build

Morningstar Weapon Build

House of X Alternate Cover by Pepe Larraz

Pepe is one of the rising stars of Marvel Comics, with his contributions to world-building and illustration on House of X. Pepe created a variant cover for the hugely successful, House of X featuring Professor X, Apocalypse, and Magneto (House of X). Be on the lookout for limited edition copies of Issue 1.

October Cover Art: Cosmic Ghost Rider vs. Red Goblin by Geoff Shaw

Geoff Shaw is a Marvel Artist and heavyweight in the comic industry. Known for his work on Cosmic Ghost Rider, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Marvel Knights, Geoff lent us his talents for October’s Cover Art featuring Cosmic Ghost Rider vs. Red Goblin.

John Mulaney

John Mulaney is an established comedian, and the voice of the one-and-only Spider-Ham. This little piggy stayed home and voiced Spider-Ham for the December Motion Comic! 

Summoner Showdown 2020: A Global Stage

Summoner Showdown’s second year brought in players from around the world to compete for the coveted Iso-Sphere Trophy and Title of Ultimate World Summoner. Check out the amazing competition so far from the Americas, Asia & Oceania, and Europe & Russia!

Stay tuned for the Finals on Wednesday, December 23rd at 1PM PT to find out who will reign supreme!


Watch as HappyMcMuffins, Husky Nash, and AceFusion96 push their game knowledge and skills to the limit. Which Summoner will earn their spot in the Finals? Watch the episode now to find out!

Asia & Oceania

Hailing from Australia, South Korea, and Singapore, three Summoners have proven themselves worthy competitors in the Showdown. Catch some incredible skill shows from Angerdanger, Apdo, and Satsui No Hadou in this episode! 

Europe & Russia

Europe & Russia have brought two of The Contest’s toughest contenders to the main stage. Tune in for a gripping battle between Quatschpete from Germany and SwatU from Poland!

New Champions in 2020

We added long-time fan-favorites like Professor X, Apocalypse, Spider-Ham, and Black Widow (Deadly Origin). We explored the depths of the Marvel Universe and introduced powerful Super Heroes and Villians to The Contest, such as Guardian, Tigra, and Mojo. Take a look at all of the Champion Spotlights from 2020 and let us know your favorite!

  1. Squirrel Girl
  2. Nova
  3. Longshot
  4. Mojo
  5. Mole Man
  6. Terrax
  7. Wolverine (Weapon X)
  8. Sorcerer Supreme 
  9. Storm (Pyramid X) 
  10. Black Widow (Deadly Origin)
  11. Red Guardian
  12. Tigra
  13. Hit-Monkey 
  14. Guardian
  15. Sasquatch
  16. Air-Walker
  17. Dragon Man
  18. Platinumpool 
  19. Professor X
  20. Apocalypse 
  21. Red Goblin 
  22. Cosmic Ghost Rider
  23. Hulk (Immortal) 
  24. Abomination (Immortal) 
  25. Spider-Ham

2020 Summoner’s Choice Champion Vote Winner: HERCULES!

The final Summoner’s Choice vote came down to an extremely tight race between Hercules and Omega Sentinel. With over 1,100,000 votes over the entire campaign, the son of Zeus, Hercules will arrive in The Contest in Summer 2021. Stay tuned for more content in the coming months!

Thank you for a fantastic 2020!

Thank you for joining us on the amazing journey that is Marvel Contest of Champions. The Battlerealm would be nothing without the dedication and skill of Summoners like you. Here’s to an incredible year of accomplishments, and to an even brighter future in 2021. Cue the fireworks!